Vertrax skateboard comes with tread instead of wheels

Mention skateboard and what flashes across your mind? A board that has four wheels at the bottom, often associated with spills from daredevils who grind their way across a variety of public property. The Vertrax skateboard design by Bryson Lovett is different, since its wheels have been replaced by a tank-like tread which will help it glide on a whole lot of surfaces. This tracked skateboard will be silent in operation, and we’re guessing you can rule out extreme sports with this since it is more suited for use in military operations, where transporting soldiers quickly and quietly across rough or deserted terrains will definitely be a handy ability. After all, there isn’t any room at the bottom of the skateboard to grind, let alone perform tricks. Being white in color doesn’t help either considering how easy it is going to get dirty. Bear in mind that this is but a concept at point of publishing, so it will take some time before it materializes – if ever.

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