artificial-skinWhile Stephen Hawking has his reservations about AI being the end of humanity, it is still some ways from a Skynet-like scenario methinks. When it comes to bionic body parts, there has been advancements made over the years – but I suppose we can safely say that none of the bionic arm or bionic legs that we have seen in the past can be deemed to be life-like – not at least until they come equipped with “skin” which is capable of feeling.

Having a brand new artificial skin that was specially developed by a team of American and Korean researchers, where it will rely on a dense network of sensors that are made out of silicon and gold, allowing it to mimic the sensitivity of real skin – at least to a certain extent. Needless to say, the overall number of sensors available would determine the sensitivity of the artificial skin, where theoretically speaking, having enough of such sensors at a high resolution across the bionic finger, and it is possible to deliver a similar tactile touch as that of a normal hand when signals are sent over to the brain.

Hence, it is said that this unique artificial skin is also capable of detecting pressure, heat and cold, and even moisture. Being made for bionic hands, this artificial skin also boasts of adequate elasticity in order for users to stretch and move their fingers as though it is the real deal.

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