We live in an era where cloud storage is now becoming a staple. There literally are a plethora of services out there that give their users a considerable amount of storage space for free. The best thing about cloud storage is that your data is readily accessible from wherever you may be, all you need is an internet connection and a compatible device. Services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box offer 5GB, 2GB and 5GB of free storage space respectively. They give more, though one usually has to bring in referrals and what not. Microsoft already gives 7GB of free space to SkyDrive users, it is now offering a bonus of 3GB to students for one year.

In this day and age, 10GB is hardly enough. Nevertheless, it is a good move on Microsoft’s part to provide students with an additional 3GB of free space for their documents, content etc. All that is needed to sign up for this promotion is a valid .edu email address, sign up here and Microsoft will send a free storage code. Only one code per person is allowed and they must be used before the 31st of December, 2013.

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