skydriveSo, you happen to be one of those who wants to pick up the Xbox One console when it finally hits the market later this month? Well, I am quite sure that you are going to have a smashing time with this video game console, but there is one thing that you ought to remember that the Xbox One is not all about games, as there will also be something to do with “work”, too. I am referring to SkyDrive on Xbox One which is touted to deliver a seamless, beautiful experience so that Xbox One users will be able to sit back and enjoy not only photos but videos as well in their own personal collection, alongside those that have been shared with you.

Imagine opening photo albums from channels in the OneGuide, or to play music alongside your slideshows with Xbox Music, as well as to control the entire app with gestures and voice, thanks to the wonders of the Kinect. All that is required at the very beginning would be an extremely simple command that goes like this, “Xbox: Go to SkyDrive.”

This is touted to be different from any other SkyDrive experience that has been released in the past, with full energy by the development team being focused on photos and videos so that they not only look great, but sound great as well on the TV.

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