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Google Could Be Looking To Take On Slack With An All-In-One Messenger
In the workplace, apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams are currently the preferred choice of communication amongst co-workers. Google has attempted to break into the enterprise sector by relaunching Hangouts and trying to shift its focus to business users, but it looks like the company could have something else in the works.

Slack Resets Passwords Four Years After Security Breach
Slack confirmed back in March 2015 that hackers were able to gain unauthorized access to a database which was used to store user profile information. It had blocked the access once it was discovered and made changes to prevent something like this from happening again. Slack also released two-factor authentication so that users could add an extra layer of security to their accounts. It has decided to reset passwords for […]

Microsoft Does Not Want Its Employees Using Slack Or Google Docs
Microsoft makes a lot of products for productivity, but given that it’s hardly the most niche of categories, it’s not surprising that there are a ton of (free) alternatives out there to what Microsoft has to offer. We imagine that the company would much prefer if people used its products, and as such, we’re not surprised to learn that the company has banned a bunch of competitor products from being […]

Slack Begins Testing Dark Mode On Its iOS App
Dark mode is feature that we’re starting to see incorporated into more apps these days, and if you do a lot of communicating on your mobile device, especially late at night, dark mode can be quite an eye-saver as it makes it easier on your eyes, versus the glaring white colors that we typically see being used in apps.


Free Microsoft Teams Version Reportedly Being Developed
It has been a year since Microsoft Teams was introduced. It’s the company’s Slack competitor. For those who are unaware, Slack is a set of team collection tools and services that enable teams large and small to effectively communicate with each other. It has become very popular in a relatively short amount of time and Microsoft introduced its own take on Slack last year, however, it didn’t offer a free […]

You Can Now Order A Domino’s Pizza Directly From Slack
With Domino’s largely relying on delivering their pizza to customers, as opposed to offering a dine-in experience, getting as many pizzas as possible into the hands (and mouths) of their customers is key. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to see Domino’s embrace all kinds of hi-tech ways of getting pizza to their customers.

Slack’s Screen Sharing Now Allows Other Users To Take Control
When it comes to productivity software, collaborative features are more or less a feature that we would assume is part of the application. This includes the ability to allow users to edit documents together and have the changes reflect in real-time, and also screen sharing where you can show others what’s on your screen, like a presentation.

Microsoft Teams Now Available To All Office 365 Users
Microsoft confirmed back in November last year that it was working on a new tool called Microsoft Teams. It’s basically Redmond’s very own Slack rival. Microsoft Teams was launched in a limited preview last year and the company recently confirmed that it would be made available to all Office 365 users soon. That day is today. Microsoft Teams is available now to all Office 365 users.

Redmond’s Slack Rival Microsoft Teams Launch Date Confirmed
It has been known for a while now that Microsoft has been working on its very own Slack rival. The company has now confirmed the Microsoft Teams global launch date. The general release of its new service has been set for later this month. Microsoft is going to conduct a special online event to celebrate the launch of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Is A Slack Rival Launched By Redmond Today
It had been reported previously that Microsoft was working on a Slack rival and the company has indeed announced one today. Microsoft Teams is the new Slack rival from Redmond that has been launched today. Microsoft has launched it as a service that ties into existing Office 365 subscriptions. The company describes Microsoft Teams as a chat-based workspace with emphasis on collaboration in real-time.

Line Developing Its Own Slack Rival
Slack is a workplace communication solution that’s increasingly becoming popular, some major tech companies are now working to create a similar solution of their own. Line, one of the biggest cross-platform messaging services in the world, has announced today that it’s also developing a new workplace messaging solution. The unnamed solution might take some inspiration from Slack, Line says that its new product will be released first in Japan by […]

Microsoft Thought About Buying Slack For $8 Billion
Slack is a relatively new messaging platform that’s rapidly gaining popularity, particularly among enterprise users as it more than just holds a candle to the likes of Skype. Several new features are being added to Slack in the near future which will make it compete more effectively against Skype. According to a new report, Microsoft did think about buying Slack for as much as $8 billion but didn’t go through […]