Slack is a great communication tool for businesses and organizations where employees are able to chat with each other However, when it comes to dealing with suppliers, manufacturers, and other companies that an organization may work with, this is usually done through emails which isn’t as efficient.

However, the good news for companies is that Slack has since introduced a new feature called Slack Connect in which the goal is to allow businesses to chat with each other through channels. This means that you could create a channel where you can chat with suppliers, customers, partners, instead of having to rely on just email.

According to Slack, this feature has actually been in the works for the past four years and right now, they are claiming that over 41,000 customers are already taking advantage of it. Slack’s Chief Security Officer, Larkin Ryder, also points out how using communication tools such as Slack can also improve on the overall security of your organization.

This is because emails are vulnerable to phishing scams and as we have seen, there have been many instances where money and trade secrets have been lost due to employees falling for such scams. For those who are interested, Slack Connect is now available to all of the service’s paid users.

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