When Snapchat rolled out Stories, it became so popular that other social media platforms like Instagram decided to implement something similar of their own. This later expanded to Facebook and WhatsApp. Even Twitter got in on the action, but it was a short lived feature and has since been retired.

However, the latest platform to hop on board this bandwagon comes in the form of Slack. This is rather interesting because the Stories feature has always been seen as more of a personal enjoyment kind of feature, whereas Slack is seen more as a tool for enterprise communications, but whose to say it won’t work?

The feature, dubbed Clips, was originally revealed last October where the company said that they were experimenting with the idea, and now it looks like it is finally here. While you probably won’t use it the same way as Snapchat or Instagram’s Stories, it might be useful as it could be used to drop quick updates to keep your colleagues and managers up-to-date on what you have done.

It might also be useful for people working remotely in other timezones, where you could leave Clips to let them know what has been done, what needs to be done, and so on. The feature is being rolled out as we speak and should be available to all paid teams this fall.

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