When it comes to productivity software, collaborative features are more or less a feature that we would assume is part of the application. This includes the ability to allow users to edit documents together and have the changes reflect in real-time, and also screen sharing where you can show others what’s on your screen, like a presentation.


However if you’ve ever gotten frustrated watching a classmate or a co-worker fumble around their desktop to get to their point, not to worry as Slack has introduced updated screen sharing features that will allow other users to take control of that user’s screen. “Screen sharing from a Slack call has gone interactive: You can invite others to write, code, design — or whatever working together means to you — all directly from your shared screen.”

Users will be able to edit, type, and scroll, with each participant in the screen sharing group receiving their own cursor. However if the owner doesn’t want you to take full control, you will still be able to interact with the screen as well. According to Slack, “And when not in control, viewing participants can temporarily draw over the shared screen, directing attention to particular cells in a spreadsheet, lines of a paragraph, or anything else they want to highlight.”

Note that screen sharing control for Slack will require users to be on a paid plan for either the Windows or Mac app, so if you’re not and this feature sounds useful, maybe you could consider paying for it.

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