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Texter Mesmerized By Phone, Falls Into Canal
Just how connected are you to your smartphone, that you have suffered from the syndrome known as “phantom vibrations” in the past? You know, that awkward moment when your hand reaches for the phone in your pocket because you swore it vibrated due to an incoming message or email, only to realize it was your imagination and body playing tricks on you. Well, some of us are definitely too connected […]

iPhone Hack Lets You Start Your Car By Sending An SMS
Living in New Jersey, I can tell you we experience every season to the extreme as our winters are freezing and our summers are red-hot. So no matter what time of year it is, if it isn’t spring or fall, then I won’t ever want to leave my apartment. But when I do, the lower the amount of time I’m actually outside of my home, the better it’ll be for […]

Internet-Based Messaging Providers Should Support Text-To-911 Too, Suggests FCC
The FCC has been acting like the voice of truth and reason lately. Just a week after asking the FAA to allow the use of electronic devices during flights, the agency is now suggesting that wireless carriers and Internet-based messaging providers be required to allow its users to send emergency text messages to 911 call centers. The report follows after major carriers in the U.S., namely Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, […]

SMS Celebrates 20th Birthday
It was on December 3, 1992, when the first text message in the world was sent in the UK. Neil Papworth, who is an engineer working in the UK back then, had the honor of sending the first SMS in the world, and instead of something geekier like “Hello, World”, it read a plain and simple “Merry Christmas.” Of course, it must be interesting to note that for humans, most […]


US mobile users are sending less SMS these days according to report
Thanks to mobile internet and the creation of apps like WhatsApp, Skype, BBM, and etc., mobile phone users have found ways to send each other text messages that only require an internet connection. This means that even when faced with no cellular coverage and armed with WiFi, we are still able to send messages to one another. That being said, we guess it’s not surprising to learn that in the […]

Carrier messaging downward trend continues
Text messaging over mobile carriers are going through tough times – in fact, for the first time in years, US text messaging actually went down in the third quarter of 2012, and this could very well be attributed mainly to services such as iMessage and Whatsapp. Mobile analyst Chetan Sharma claimed that mobile phone users sent an average of 678 texts per month, which is 18 fewer compared to the […]

Swimming coach jailed due to oversight in SMS recipients
I am quite sure that some of us have ended up doing some absent minded things in the past, where among them include locking our car keys in the car itself, doing the same for house keys, and perhaps even walking into a room to take something only to forget what we had come in for originally. Well, I am quite sure that the last thing on swimming coach Craig […]

Woman texted her way down a cliff in Alaska
Have you ever texted or played a game on your smartphone while walking? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would do well to take heed the moral of this story. Apparently, a lady was too busy texting on her handset, and when she tried to discard her cigarette butt in Kodiak, Alaska at a nearby cliff, she lost her balance and bearings, slipping on the wet grass […]

Iran censors “dollar” in text messages
Iran has had issues with the Internet in the past, and this time around, the world of text messages has been affected by Iranian policies as well. With the Iranian currency (rial) dropping to a new record low against the US dollar today, shedding nearly 8% in its value, it seems that the word “dollar” is now officially banned across mobile phone text services, as well as select Exchange websites. […]

Syrian rebels are holding machine guns on the right and cellphones on the left
In war-torn Syria, rebels are “MGexting”, that is, holding a machine gun in the right hand while the left hand is busy on a cellphone. Apparently Syrian rebels are relying heavily on SMS for their operations. As seen above, 20-year old Ahmed Sheikha is manning a 7.62mm PK machine gun while speeding towards the war-torn city of Aleppo. New York Times foreign correspondent C.J. Chivers said that Ahmed Sheikha defected […]

SMS alerts you of an incoming missile attack
If you were to reside in a war torn country, or perhaps one that has a very high probability of an incoming attack happening at any time of the day, then it makes perfect sense for the government in power to be able to do its part in protecting their citizens. As everyone should know by now, Israel is a major sore point in the world of global politics, and […]

Music2Text uses SMS as a music distribution platform
We typically don’t associate SMS and music distribution, but that’s exactly what Music2Text aims to do: use the most universal mobile phone communications building block (after voice) to sell and share music. The whole system is based on something very simple: each song can be identified with a “shortcode”. A shortcode is a special number like #7415 that is usually used by carriers to send settings to your phone.

Get a personalized SMS embroidered on your shawl
Raw Color is involved in a fair number of projects, but the latest one which was presented at the Salone del Mobile last month, sporting a Cryptographer which is capable of reimagining the digital transmission scene as it can create patterns of code on shawls. These will comprise of various icons that will represent the letters in a SMS, where the code will be added to the textile through the […]

JaxtrSMS lets you send free text messages to any phone
Do you have a lot of friends who might be living overseas? Short of chatting with them online via instant messenger services, you could always send them a text message although that might cost you quite a bit in international SMS fees. That’s where JaxtrSMS comes in – a free application that will let you send free text messages to anyone in the world.