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Texting Could Improve Spelling And Grammar In Children
I am quite sure that those of us who use the Queen’s English would have shaked our heads and clucked our tongues at how the English language has seemingly deteriorated over the years, decimated by short forms as well as a mixture of numerals and letters in order to convey a message in the shortest manner possible – 140 characters or less most of the time. The question is, has […]

Central African Republic Bans SMS Services
Those who happen to live in the Central African Republic have not exactly gone through a bed of roses over the years, ever since the country gained its independence in 1960. Of course, there are the relevant growing pains of a nation which are to be expected, and with that, the advent of technology in the landlocked region cannot be avoided. However, it seems that the government has issued a […]

Don’t Just Call, SMS 911 In Case Of Emergency
What is the number that most people would dial in the event of an emergency? 911 would come into mind, and most folks would know by now that they are able to send a SMS to 911 in the event of an emergency, but there are no guarantees that the relevant law enforcement will respond in time. Still, there are strides being made even as you read this, since the […]

Flash CyanogenMod Via SMS With SMS-Romer
The world is moving so fast these days, that our smartphones have ended up to be an indispensable part of our lives. After all, it is our smartphones that happen to function as our navigational device in unfamiliar territories, while keeping us entertained as we commute to and from work. Not only that, it also has its fair share of apps to keep us occupied, and for Android users, custom […]


Driver Texted 44 Times Prior To Hitting Cyclist
There are always those out there who do not want to follow the rules because they think that they know better. Case in point, this particular lady who hit a cyclist near Koroit, which is a small rural town in western Victoria, Australia. Apparently, the cyclist was on the edge of the road as the lady’s hit him from behind with her car, never mind that he had taken the […]

Survey: Nearly 50% Of Sexts Are Lies
There is nothing quite like a survey to pull out some cold, hard facts about a particular situation, and a survey that comprises of college students as the subjects of questions, close to 50% of those claim that they have sent a sexy text – or a “sext” if you will, without meaning the content within to be true. In a nutshell, sexters do not wear or do what they […]

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile Will Not Charge Customers For Spam SMS
Receiving spam SMS is just a way of life as we’re sure many of you have inadvertently given your number out to a company, not realizing they’d be texting you on an hourly basis with special discounts you can receive if you reply to their offer. The annoying part of these spam SMS is the fact that they counted against your allowance of texts, that is, if you don’t already […]

Texting Before You Sleep Might Be Detrimental To Your Health
In a survey which was conducted on 83 college students, it was discovered that the higher the number of text messages that they sent out before bedtime, the more difficult it was to end up with a good night’s sleep after that. Does it sound like a whole lot of hogwash? Perhaps, or perhaps not. This particular study was written up in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture, and it […]

Wells Fargo Gives You Option For SMS Receipts At ATMs
Want to save the environment? Wells Fargo might have just the tonic for you with SMS receipts.

Instant Messaging Overtakes SMS Texts For The First Time
Even though smartphones have been on the market for over 10 years, mobile phone users still preferred to use SMS texts in order to communicate with other cell phones, especially when carriers bundle text messages with certain plans. But it looks like instant messaging through a number of applications has finally caught up with SMS texts, and in fact, has overtake it according to Informa.Research firm Informa believes nearly 19 […]

Register Your Birth Certificate Via SMS
Those of us who live in countries where access to basic and decent healthcare are taken for granted, do spare a moment for folks living in Third World Countries. For instance, UNICEF reports that around two thirds of births that occur in sub-Saharan Africa go unregistered, but one of the countries, Ivory Coast, intends to buck this particular trend with the help of mobile technology to modernize the entire process. […]

US Law Wants Carriers To Store All Your SMSes
In the court of public opinion, controversy is never far away, depending on which side of the political divide you stand on. It seems that a few law enforcement groups have begun to lobby for Congress to agree to a law which will see wireless carriers having to comply to stash away every single text message that you have ever sent out via your mobile number, and this huge database […]

Charge Your Phone By Sending A Text Message
At first glance, the title might sound to be an oxymoron of sorts. After all, if your cellphone is already low on power, why bother to use up more energy by sending a text message? Perhaps an explanation is in order. In a nutshell, folks who live off-grid are now able to pay for electricity to charge up their handsets through the simple act of sending a text message, and […]

Texting Could Make You Smarter
I don’t know about you, but where I grew up, we were taught the Queen’s English, and abbreviations were very much shunned upon in our writing. The advent of text messaging on mobile phones and via IRC (yeah, there was no such thing as Skype back then, and to have an ICQ account was the “in thing”) helped evolve the English language, as short forms and the removal of vowels […]