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New Snap Spectacles Spotted In FCC Listing
FCC listings often reveal the new hardware that’s due to be launched soon and one such listing has now been spotted for Snap’s second-generation Spectacles wearable device. While the company lost a ton of money on the original Spectacles, it’s not giving up on its hardware ambitions just yet and plans to release a second-generation of Spectacles later this year.

Instagram Testing ‘Nametags’, Its Answer To Snapchat’s QR Codes
If you’re looking to add someone on Instagram, you will have to type in their username to search for their profile before adding them. It’s not exactly the most efficient manner of adding users, but it’s not the worst. However it looks like Instagram could be “borrowing” another Snapchat feature in the form of “Nametags”.

Snapchat’s Exclusive iPhone X Lenses Are Now Available
During Apple’s iPhone announcements, the company typically likes to bring other companies onstage where they will also be announcing partnerships or certain exclusive features. For example in 2016 when the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were announced, Nintendo came on stage to announced Super Mario Run which was a temporary iOS exclusive.

BlackBerry Sues Snapchat For Infringing On Its Patents
BlackBerry may not be the leader in the global smartphone market anymore but the company does own a treasure trove of patents. As investors raise concerns about the growth rate at its core security-focused software business, the company is looking through its library of wireless and messaging patents to find more opportunities for licensing deals and even lawsuits. After filing a similar lawsuit against Facebook last month, BlackBerry has now […]


Snapchat Rolls Out Group Video Chat Feature
If you’re someone who loves video chatting with your friends, the downside to most video chat calls is that they are limited to one-on-one calls. However the good news for Snapchat users is that the company has recently announced that they will be rolling out a new group video call feature.

GIPHY Integration Is Now Back On Snapchat
Last month after users discovered a racist GIF on GIPHY which was also integrated into Instagram and Snapchat, both companies opted to temporarily disable the feature. However the good news for Instagram users is that integration was re-enabled last month, but Snapchat users were still left hanging.

Snapchat Takes A Swing At Facebook With Russian Bot filter
Snapchat has decided to throw some serious shade at its rival Facebook this April Fools’ Day. It has capitalized on all of the negative press coverage related to Facebook over the past couple of weeks and the wider conversation regarding Russia’s alleged misinformation campaign on Facebook during the presidential election. It has introduced a filter which recreates Russian bots liking your posts.

Snapchat May Let Users Control Third-Party App Access
A new report reveals that Snapchat is developing a new feature which will provide users with control over which third-party apps have access to their Snapchat accounts. A new tab called “Connected Apps” has been discovered in the latest beta version of the Snapchat app and it’s from here users will be able to control the third-party apps that have access to their accounts.

Pilots Suspended For Using Snapchat While Flying
When you’re on a plane you’d probably want your pilot to do little else than just fly the plane. You wouldn’t really feel comfortable if they diverted their attention from that crucial task for a moment to do something else, such as making videos to post on Snapchat. That’s precisely what two EasyJet pilots did on a recent flight and they have seen been suspended by the airline.

Twitter Reportedly Working On Feature Similar To Snapchat’s ‘Discover’
Snapchat is not only popular amongst its users, but it also seems to be popular amongst its competitors where we’re seeing Snapchat features being “borrowed” and incorporated into other apps. A good example would be how Instagram took Snapchat’s Stories feature and made it their own, which some are suggesting might be even more popular.

Snapchat To Start Featuring Creator-Made Lenses More Prominently
One of the problems of a monopoly is that it discourages innovation, and for the longest time ever Snapchat kind of had the monopoly on the social scene where its Stories feature was one of its unique selling points. That is until Instagram came along and actually offered a version that some would argue is better.

Snapchat Gets @ Mention Tagging
Snapchat users can now @ tag their friends in their Story. There’s a new option in the popular app now that will detail the tagged user’s name, Bitmoji, handle, and Add button so that those who are viewing the story can add that person as well. The feature is similar to @ mentions that Instagram added back in November 2016.

Racist GIF Forces Instagram And Snapchat To Remove Giphy Integration
GIFs are very popular online which is why many social media apps have integrated with services that offer these stickers so that their users can easily insert them into their posts and conversations. However, both Instagram and Snapchat have pulled Giphy integration from their apps after an extremely racist GIF was discovered in Giphy’s library.

Snapchat Hands-Free Mode Enters Testing
If you’ve ever feel irked by having to hold down the record button in Snapchat then you’ll certainly be happy to find out that a hands-free mode is now being tested by Snap, albeit quietly. The latest version of Snapchat’s beta app enables users to record up to 60 seconds of video without having to hold down the record button for the entire duration of the recording.

Snapchat Experiencing Huge Spike In App Downloads
Despite Snapchat facing a ton of backlash from its users over the new design, it seems that the criticisms we’re hearing online might only be a small portion of Snapchat’s users because according to data from Sensor Tower (via 9to5Mac), Snapchat is actually experiencing a huge spike in downloads in recent times.

Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Tweet Could Have Sent Stock Prices Down By 8%
While bloggers are still pretty influential, social media has helped create what is known by many today as “influencers” who can be found on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, where posting a single photo for a product could net them thousands of dollars. This is due to their reach or “influence”.

Snap Officially Responds To Petition Demanding To Bring Back Old Design
When Snap launched the redesign of its app, instead of being met with applause, Snap found themselves faced with a ton of resistance from its users, many of whom have gone on to sign a petition demanding that the company bring back the old design. Now Snap has officially responded to the petition on the website.

Snapchat Now Lets Users Add Giphy GIF Stickers To Posts
The common narrative that we’re hearing is that Instagram loves to “borrow” features from Snapchat, which they have done rather shamelessly, with Stories being a notable feature that Instagram “borrowed”. However it looks like the tables are turning because now Snapchat appears to be introducing a new feature that Instagram actually introduced first.

Android Users Can Restore Snapchat’s Old Design If They Wish
When Snap announced that Snapchat would be undergoing a design update, it sounded like a good thing. Unfortunately reality proved otherwise as more than 1 million users have since petitioned the company to revert back to the original design. The bad news is that according to Snap’s CEO, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Snap’s CEO Defends New Snapchat Design, Old Design Not Returning
When it was announced that Snapchat would be getting a new design, it sounded like good news since the original design was found to be confusing as it did not exactly follow the traditional UI that most people are accustomed to as far as messenger apps are concerned. However it seems that the new design was not met with resounding applause.