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Snapchat Adds Filters For Cats
Snapchat has a variety of filters that you can use to add some exuberance to your selfies but what about your cats? The app now has your feline friends covered as well. Snapchat now has filters for cats so the next time you take a selfie with your furry friend, they took will get the filter applied on their face.

Snap CEO Admits Snapchat’s Redesign Was ‘Rushed’
Last year Snap announced that its popular Snapchat messaging app would be undergoing a redesign. The reason behind this is because many felt that the current design was too confusing, and that the redesign would shake things up and appeal to more people. Unfortunately it had the opposite effect.

Snapchat And Amazon Make It Easier To Buy New Things
Many of us come across new and interesting things on a daily basis and chances are that we will most likely find some of those things on Amazon, one of the largest online retail services in the world. To enable you to buy those products easily, Amazon and Snapchat have entered into a partnership.

How To Block Someone on Snapchat (Android, iOS)
Snapchat is only as fun as your contacts are. Here is how to block, or unlock, someone in seconds.


Ariana Grande's Snapchat Lens Lets You Try On Merchandise
Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have their place in the world, but when it comes to real-world usage, that’s where it’s hard to argue that AR might have an edge. In fact Snapchat is doing a good example of proving just that by launching a new Snapchat Lens together with musician Ariana Grande that will let fans try on her merchandise before buying it.

Pandora Now Lets Users Share Music On Snapchat
Pandora launched its Premium music streaming service last year. Subscribers get access to a massive library of songs similar to what they would get on Spotify and Apple Music. They also get access to all of the features of the internet radio streaming service. People do like to share music and Pandora is now allowing its ad-supported, Plus, and Premium users do that.

Snapchat Blames User Decline On Its Controversial Redesign
Earlier this year Snapchat rolled out its brand new design for its app. The redesign was meant to make the app more appealing to new users and also improve on the existing app, but it was not well-received. Snapchat at that time defended the redesign, but ultimately its users have spoken.

Snapchat's Latest Lenses Respond To Voice
Snapchat is rolling out a new set of Lenses today that’s different from what users have become accustomed to. These Lenses don’t respond to facial gestures like their predecessors but they will respond to voice. This is the first such set of Lenses of its kind that Snapchat has released.

Snapcash Shutting Down Next Month
Snapchat announced its move into mobile payments with Snapcash. The service enabled users to send money directly to each other. They just needed to set up their financial information first in the app before they could get started with Snapcash. The service itself was powered by Square. It appears that the company will now be forfeiting to Venmo as it’s reportedly going to shut down Snapcash next month.

Gboard Testing Smart Replies For Various Messaging Apps
One of the nifty features that we’re seeing Google roll out to its services is smart replies, where based on the context, Google can offer up smart replies that you can fire off at a tap of a button. This feature has been introduced to Google products such as Gmail, and now it looks like Gboard will be getting it as well.

Snapchat May Get A Gaming Hub
Snapchat may get its own gaming hub, according to a new report, as the service looks to introduce new features to retain user growth. The report claims that Snapchat’s gaming platform is going to be launched later this year and that the company has already started signing game publishers for this purpose.

Snapchat's Camera And Bitmoji Will Be Available In Other Apps
Snap, the company behind Snapchat, today announced the launch of its Snap Kit. It’s a developer kit which will enable app developers to bring features from Snapchat into their own apps. The features that will soon be available in other apps include Snapchat’s camera and Bitmoji. Developers will have four different ways of integrating Snapchat features into their apps.

Snapchat Clear Chats Feature Lets You Delete Messages
Snapchat users will soon get access to a new feature that the company has announced today. The feature is called Clear Chats and as the name suggests, it will let them get rid of their messages even if they have been viewed or saved by the recipient. This will essentially enable Snapchat users to retract a message after they have sent it or just delete it to fix an issue […]

Snapchat Logins Could Soon Compete With Facebook & Google
Online services these days are starting to integrate more with Facebook and Google, where instead of users having to create accounts from scratch, they can choose to sign into a service using their Facebook or Google credentials, making it a lot faster and easier for users to start using a service/website.

Snap’s Designers Reportedly Warned Against Releasing Updated Design
When Snap announced that Snapchat would be redesigned to make it easier to use, it sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately the end result was anything but, and caused a lot of users to be frustrated with the app where some of them even launched a petition to bring back the old design.

Snapchat Has Begun Rolling Out Unskippable Ads
On YouTube, there are ads that users can skip after a few seconds, and there are some that users have no choice but to sit through. Last month Snapchat announced something similar where they were planning on testing out unskippable ads, and now in a report from AdAge, those ads have started to roll out.

Snapchat Is Bringing Back Some Of Its Previous Designs
When Snap announced that Snapchat would be getting a redesign last year, it was meant to be for the better where it would make the app more user-friendly. Unfortunately it seems that Snap might not have anticipated the backlash, leading to the creation of a petition where users demanded that they bring back the old design.

Snapchat To Test Unskippable Ads Next Month
Ads are how companies that provide a free service make money, which is why you see Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Google are filled with ads. How some of these ads are skippable, like on YouTube where you have the option of skipping certain ads after a predefined length of time.

Snapchat Is Testing Out A Redesigned Stories Interface
Last year the folks at Snapchat rolled out a controversial new design. This came on the heels of criticism that suggested that Snapchat had a confusing UI, although ironically enough the ones who ended up complaining about the new design were Snapchat’s current users. The company had previously defended the new design, but now it seems that concessions could be made.

New Snap Spectacles Spotted In FCC Listing
FCC listings often reveal the new hardware that’s due to be launched soon and one such listing has now been spotted for Snap’s second-generation Spectacles wearable device. While the company lost a ton of money on the original Spectacles, it’s not giving up on its hardware ambitions just yet and plans to release a second-generation of Spectacles later this year.