solar-cheapThose who are not too fond of solar energy have more often than not touted the fact that the technology involved in solar power have been unable to compete with coal and other traditional energy sources in terms of cost efficiency, but I guess that particular argument is no longer valid since a couple of countries – India and Italy, have discovered that solar energy production within their borders has finally achieved the holy grail of “grid parity.” In other words, the cost of solar energy is finally on par with the rest of the grid.

The following findings were published by Deutsche Bank, and it seems to be the tipping point that will help solidify the push for solar power worldwide. For over half a century, solar energy has been a proof of concept that has constantly improved itself in an effort to wean our globe from coal and fossil fuels when it comes to our energy needs, and the same Deutsche Bank report came to a conclusion that other countries will most probably follow in the footsteps of India and Italy from as early as next year onwards. Do you think that this will mark the beginning of mainstream solar energy?

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