There are all sorts of theories circulating about the products major technology companies are expected to release next year. Samsung is most definitely one of those companies, and there has already been much talk of what we can expect from Samsung in 2014. Latest reports from Korean media suggest that the company might focus on solar power technology for smartphones next year. It is said that Samsung will focus more on the technology in 2014 while actual smartphones touting solar charging capability might be released in the future.

The reports claim that the reason why Samsung is going to invest into solar power tech for smartphones next year is because Apple has apparently found a way to incorporate the technology in its smartphones, which is why Samsung is ramping up its own efforts so as to not be left behind in the race. Now this might be a wild assumption on the media outlet’s part, because for now there haven’t been any rumors of a future iPhone that is capable of solar charging. The feature will no doubt be welcomed by iPhone users though, who unlike the users of Samsung’s smartphones, can’t simply take out the battery and replace it with a fully charged one should the need arise.

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