For those shopping around for a 3D monitor, LG has recently unveiled their DX2500 series glasses free 3D monitor in South Korea. Customers will be able to choose from either a 20” monitor or a 24” monitor although apart from its size, they both appear to have the same technology built into them which is the parallax barrier 3D technology which is supposedly good enough for the company to earn TÜV Rheinland certification.

One of the tricks to glasses free 3D is that it allows the user to see 3D imagery if they look at it from a certain angle. However since we can hardly be expected to sit in one spot and not move our heads for hours, LG has made use of the built-in webcam in the DX2500 monitors to help track the viewer’s head/eyes.

This will allow the monitor to adjust the image based on where their heads/eyes have been tracked, ultimately allowing the user to see 3D images at pretty much any angle. The bad news is that if you wish to watch a show or video on this monitor with friends or family, it might prove to be a little tricky. The LG DX2500 series of monitors is currently available in South Korea for 1.29 million Won (~$1,131) and is expected to be released internationally next year.

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