Our smartphones and tablets have advanced in such a way that it can now be used as a legitimate tool to create music. There are a few music production programs that have made its way onto iOS, such as Fruity Loops and Garage Band, so it’s no surprise that musicians and performers are starting to incorporate tablets and smartphones during their performances, practice sessions or even for recording music on the go.

ELASTICK is a stand that is said to be able to hold tablets among other gadgets such as portable PCs and clipboards. What makes its design so unique is that its “tail” has been designed to fit any industry standard microphone clip, which means that you will be able to use it on stage or during a practice session to read lyrics, recording a song or even read sheet music off it.

When not attached to a microphone clip, the “tail” piece acts as a stand so you can prop it up on a table. Now if you’re a budding musician or a recording sessionist and you want to get your hands on ELASTICK, the bad news is that it’s still a Kickstarter project and it’s still looking for funding. They are looking for a backing of $15,000 and a pledge of $40 will net you the stand if and when it gets put into production. Interested in giving them a hand? Just head on down to ELASTICK’s Kickstarter’s website.

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