Interested in turning your Apple wireless keyboard into a keyboard for your iOS device, but you’re tired of having to keep it propped up against a stack of books just to stop it from falling? Daniel Haarburger, a student from Stanford University has come up with a unique solution to the problem. Called the WINGStand, this unique accessory for your wireless Apple keyboard turns it into the perfect stand for your iPhone or iPad.

The WINGStand is made up of two specially designed stands that hook on to your Apple wireless keyboard. Users then place their iPad tablets or iPhones onto the clip (which has legs on the table for added stability), combining the keyboard and the device into some sort of DIY laptop. It’s simple and effective, especially if you already own a wireless keyboard and want to make use of it instead of investing in another keyboard for your iOS device. And for those times when you don’t need the keyboard – the WINGStand can even be used as a regular stand for your iPad or iPhone.

Unfortunately the WINGStand is still in its funding stage right now, with the creator putting up the Kickstarter page only recently, so if you’d like to get a set for yourself, you know what to do. Find out more at the Kickstarter page for the WINGStand.

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