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Majority of YouTube views aren't from native English speakers
If you thought that the majority of YouTube users spoke English as a main language, think again. According to a recent report by the folks at GigaOm, who spoke to a Google spokesperson, 60% of all video views on YouTube come from users who select a language other than English as the site’s display language. With over three billion video views every day, this means that at least 1.8 billion […]

Facebook continues world domination
You may know that Facebook is the world’s most popular social network – but how popular is it exactly? 500 million active users and Facebook the service translated into over 70 different languages sure sounds like a big deal, but how does it look on a map? Well, the folks over at Vincos.It have posted a map charting out the top social networks of each country all over the world. […]

Facebook reaching 700 million users
Need any more proof about Facebook’s popularity? Well, according to the latest stats by Socialbakers, a Facebook stat tracker, Facebook is hitting the 700 million mark pretty soon. Since its launch in 2004, the service has drawn in an astonishing number of users. Who would’ve thought that 700,000,000 people would be interested in putting up their personal data to share with the whole world?In terms of countries, the country with […]

EA Sports and Orad Virtual Playbook makes game analysis more interesting
Sports buffs who love analyzing football matches are going to be in for a treat. EA and Orad have announced that they will be bringing Virtual Playbook to global football broadcasters. Virtual Playbook is a technology developed by EA and Orad that combines real-life footage together with computer graphics, to generate an “augmented reality” that provides unique insight, education and analysis on key plays and techniques – basically taking watching […]


Free WiFi hotspots outnumber paid WiFi hotspots in the US
For the first time ever, the amount of free WiFi hotspots in the US outnumber the amount of paid WiFi locations. According to some statistics released by JiWire, an advertising company that specializes in marketing through WiFi networks, the growth of free WiFi has taken the driver’s seat and is now leading the way for providing public internet access spots around the country. JiWire also noticed that this isn’t a […]

BlackBerry PlayBook battery life leaked?
RIM has been pretty quiet about how long their upcoming tablet’s battery life is, but according to some screenshots of the tablet’s “Battery Assistant” app, the cat might have been let out of the bag. And if these pictures turn out to be the truth, we won’t have to worry about the tablet’s battery life as it is awesome. In the screenshots, we see the tablet at 50% battery life […]

27% of Americans use Facebook in the bathroom
According to a study done by an Atlanta-based media firm – 27% of Americans use Facebook in the bathroom. Shocking? No, not really. Ever since we’ve had cellphones and things to do on them, people have been finding other things to look at besides magazines while sitting on the porcelain throne. Some people read comics, some people write, some people talk on the phone, and some people go on Facebook. […]

Facebook Beats Google For The First Time
Beating Google at anything is good news for any company, but dethroning Google as the most visited site in the US is certainly a feat that any company would trumpet. Who was the culprit? Well, it should be no surprise to anyone to hear that it’s Facebook. According to industry tracker Hitwise, Facebook enjoyed a healthy 185 percent increase in visits, while Google only got a 9 percent increase. That […]