BlackBerry PlayBook battery assistant

RIM has been pretty quiet about how long their upcoming tablet’s battery life is, but according to some screenshots of the tablet’s “Battery Assistant” app, the cat might have been let out of the bag. And if these pictures turn out to be the truth, we won’t have to worry about the tablet’s battery life as it is awesome. In the screenshots, we see the tablet at 50% battery life and the indicator saying it can last another 8.5 hours of web surfing. If 50% = 8.5 hours, with some simple math (x2) it means that the tablet will be able to surf the web for 17 hours when fully charged! Very impressive, especially when compared to the iPad’s 10 hour battery life. Do these screenshots hold any truth? Well, I guess we’ll find out when the tablet makes its debut (rumored to be April 10).

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