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Steampunk guitars transcend time and space
We took a look at a steampunk Nerf gun yesterday, and here we are with a steampunk guitar this morning. This neo-Victorian era inspired art has been fused with modern style technology, resulting in an extremely cool looking guitar. Some say that this is a perfect piece of art, never mind if you are a geek or a guitar lover. Tony Cochran is the person behind this steampunk guitar (and […]

Steampunk inspired pocket watch is solar powered
Steampunk designs can be quite awe-inspiring due to the level of attention paid to the details, and if you’re looking to complete your steampunk cosplay outfit, this steampunk inspired pocket watch might just be the accessory you need to complete your costume. Even more interesting would the fact that it’s solar powered, which to be honest is really quite unexpected since we probably figured it would be most likely be […]

Sony Vaio F series laptop gets the steampunk treatment
If you’re a fan of “steampunk” designs and you’re into modding your laptops, you might want to check out this sweet looking case mod from John “Wilhem” Dunn. The folks over at Sony recently invited him to talk about a Sony VAIO F Series which he gave a steampunk makeover. While we don’t find out how he gets the job done, we get a chance to see close ups of […]

Steampunk inspired hard drive enclosure will cost you $1,200
Fans of all things steampunk might want to add this steampunk hard drive enclosure by Will Rockwell to their collection. As we said, this is an enclosure for a computer’s hard drive and according to Will Rockwell, you should be able to fit just about any hard drive into it, including a Lacie Big Drive.


Steampunk Xbox 360 controller
How big of a steampunk fan are you? Are you a fan enough to blow $999 on a steampunk modified Xbox 360 controller? Well even if you don’t think you’d be willing to drop that amount of cash, here’s what you can expect should you change your mind. 

Steampunk inspired Nerf gun
Are you a fan of Nerf guns? Are you also a fan of all things steampunk? If you answered yes to both, then it looks like you’re in for a treat. Even if you answered no, we’re thinking that this steampunk inspired Nerf gun should be pretty interesting nonetheless.

Steampunk Samus Aran arm cannon known as Glove-O-Love
You want to give some love to all the alien lifeforms you see out there? Coupled with an overactive imagination, you certainly won’t have issues of doing so when you wear the Glove-O-Love. This is one heck of a DIY job, and it ain’t something that is mass produced off a factory’s line. No sir, this steampunk creation is made out of leather, LEDs, and plenty of sweat thanks to […]

Steampunk plasma speakers looks pretty unique
If you’re into the whole vintage/retro look for your home design, then perhaps these Steampunk inspired plasma speakers might be next on your shopping list. Designed and created by Polish artist Conscious Flesh, through the use of a plasma arc speaker together with a retro Steampunk styling, it produces sound waves in a pretty unconventional way that you won’t be seeing advertised by other audio manufacturers anytime soon.

Wozniak's Conundrum steampunk Mac has ancient keyboard
Ah, there is nothing quite like bridging the generational gap in humans, even more so in electronics. What you see above is known as Wozniak’s Conundrum, paying t homage to the other Steve, where it takes on a steampunk design approach coupled with a really, really old keyboard. We’re talking about a fully functional Mac that will get its input kicks from a 114-year old Remington typewriter keyboard which hails […]

A Steampunk Designed Mouse For Your Steampunk Laptop
There seems to be quite a bit of steampunk peripherals popping up these past few days. We have the steampunk inspired laptop, followed by the steampunk inspired audio player, and then the steampunk inspired smartphone, and now we have the steampunk inspired mouse which we think would go great with all the mentioned devices above.

Rotary Mechanical smartphone brings some steampunk love
Are you one of those folks who love steampunk devices, but don’t really see the practical aspect of incorporating such designs in this day and age? Well, since the smartphone is more or less extremely pervasive amongst ordinary folks these days, it makes perfect sense then for someone like designer Richard Clarkson to come up with a steampunk look of a cell phone – where it is essentailly a portable […]

Steampunk laptop now up for pre-order
For all you steampunk fans who aren’t satisfied with just having a steampunk mouse can take things further by owning a steampunk laptop. Richard “Doc” Nagy, a creator of steampunk laptops, has decided to lend his talents to the world, by building customized laptops for anybody who’s willing to part with their hard earned cash.Similar to the steampunk laptop he’s created before, but refined and updated with newer and better […]

Steampunk computers by Kirk DuQuette
Never heard of Kirk DuQuette before? That will definitely change once you’re done with this piece, as he is the creative mind behind a range of stunning computer peripherals that reek of steampunk – basically, a Victorian age of steam and mechanics, and best of all is, he will be making some of his creations available for purchase to the curious collector. His previous creations did attract a fair bit […]

DIY Steampunk mouse is awesome
For those of you who aren’t satisfied with your typical run-of-the-mill mouse you find in computer accessory shops, there is always the option to customize your own device to your heart’s content. And that’s what hardware designed Peter Balch did. He took apart an optical mouse, removed its innards, moved it to a strip board of his own, using a coin, pieces of metal, glass, Fimo and wood, he managed […]