You want to give some love to all the alien lifeforms you see out there? Coupled with an overactive imagination, you certainly won’t have issues of doing so when you wear the Glove-O-Love. This is one heck of a DIY job, and it ain’t something that is mass produced off a factory’s line. No sir, this steampunk creation is made out of leather, LEDs, and plenty of sweat thanks to DeviantARTist Skinz-N-Hydez who was inspired by Samus Aran’s arm cannon in the Metroid game from Nintendo. Calling it the Glove-O-Love, you’re bringing all the love you can to extra terrestrial lifeforms with it.


At the moment, Skinz might very well be taking custom orders for your very own arm cannon, but do not expect his creations to come cheap. After all, it isn’t as though he’s working in some third world country sweatshop and being exploited by greedy corporations. Forgive my negative outlook on this – but if the world took up the Fair Trade challenge, everyone’s life would be much better off, don’t you think so? Pay the man his dues anyways, and walk home with a Glove-O-Love.

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