Are you one of those folks who love steampunk devices, but don’t really see the practical aspect of incorporating such designs in this day and age? Well, since the smartphone is more or less extremely pervasive amongst ordinary folks these days, it makes perfect sense then for someone like designer Richard Clarkson to come up with a steampunk look of a cell phone – where it is essentailly a portable rotary handset that actually looks usable. Of course, dialing numbers with this is going to take a whole lot longer compared to pressing a few buttons here and there on a (digital or otherwise) keyboard, but at least you get to look cool while doing so.


This is definitely not the phone to use if you want to dial in to a radio station during contest time – chances are you would be placed way back at the queue simply because of all the time spent using the rotary dial. Would make for a decent piece of home decoration though.

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