If you’re into the whole vintage/retro look for your home design, then perhaps these Steampunk inspired plasma speakers might be next on your shopping list. Designed and created by Polish artist Conscious Flesh, through the use of a plasma arc speaker together with a retro Steampunk styling, it produces sound waves in a pretty unconventional way that you won’t be seeing advertised by other audio manufacturers anytime soon.

Typically speakers use diaphragms such as woofers or tweeters to move the air, thus creating sound waves. These Steampunk plasma speakers however, heats the air with a high-frequency electric discharge which causes the surrounding air to expand, thus creating pressure waves that in turn act as sound waves.

While we don’t think that audiophiles will be rushing out the door to get their hands on these speakers, it does have certain novelty and decorative value about it. Perhaps those who might be familiar with the sounds produced by a gramophone will probably appreciate it more. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the plasma speakers in action.

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