We have seen just how cheeky Microsoft can get by targeting some of the rival tablets in its ads recently, where the Surface RT was seen firing a salvo at the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 from Samsung, while Apple’s iPad Air was not exempted either, as it was compared to the Surface 2. This time around, we have seen Microsoft aim their crosshairs at the Samsung Galaxy Tab, where said tablet was lambasted for not having a full sized USB port, unlike Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, of course.

This would be a great advantage for those who want to juice up their smartphone, or connect a camera or a smartphone to their tablet without having to purchase yet another cable to add to their collection. Do you think that advertisements such as these would actually be able to work? After all, it is always nice to be respectful of your rivals in the marketplace, and somehow, telling the world about the good points of your items alone should be the more gentlemanly thing to do, it seems. Ah well, all’s fair in love and war, are they not? It would be interesting to see whether Apple and Samsung already have some sort of counterattacking plan in store…

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