surface2-lte-marchIt is a no brainer that the Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE connectivity will arrive in a matter of time, but the main question on everyone’s minds would be this – when? Apparently, the Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE tablet is set to arrive on March 18, which is tomorrow, where it will play nice with AT&T’s 4G LTE network while sporting 64GB of internal memory, with an asking price of $679 a pop.

To have the Surface 2 tablet feature LTE connectivity makes plenty of sense, as this particular tablet has been specially designed to be a mobile device, and with LTE support thrown into the mix, it delivers a seamless connectivity that road warriors would die for. Right now, the LTE connection happens to be an option on the Surface 2 model, and if you decide to settle on the Surface Pro 2, you would need to rely on a dongle or tethering.

The $679 asking price might seem to be a tad expensive at first glance, but do take into consideration that its rival, the iPad Air with LTE alongside 64GB of internal memory would cost $829 a pop. Needless to say, it is a no brainer as to which particular tablet you ought to get if you want to maximize your money’s worth, although intrinsic value such as the types of software and apps available also do play a role.

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