Microsoft seems to be on a roll these days when it comes to poking fun at their competition. Earlier we saw how Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign dismissed the Google Chromebook as a proper laptop, and now we are seeing how Microsoft is taking yet another shot at Apple’s iPads, comparing the company’s own Surface 2 tablet against it. We suppose it’s become common knowledge that the iPad does not sport the same hardware features as the Surface 2, namely how it does not come with USB ports, nor is there an option to purchase a cover with a keyboard attached to it (you’d have to go for third party options), and also how there is no HDMI output on the iPad either.

These are pretty much the points that Microsoft is trying to make against the iPad Air and to be fair, these are valid arguments. However at the end of the day it really boils down to a variety of factors, such as pricing, availability of apps, ecosystem, overall feel, and etc. In any case this attempt by Microsoft follows hot on the heels of Nokia’s own ad where it compares the company’s recently release Lumia 2520 tablet against the iPad Air as well.

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