Most Android users are familiar with Swype keyboard, it is an intelligent virtual keyboard which makes typing faster as users don’t have to punch in letters like they would normally have to do. By sliding the thumb over letters that make up a certain word, user’s will be given the most accurate word suggestion based on the swiping of their thumb. Only recently the folks at Nuance released Swype 1.5 for Android and finally dropped the beta tab. This keyboard is much loved by Android users and there might be a possibility that the technology will come over to iOS. A Swype VP has confirmed that they have been holding talks with Apple on this, but no deal has been made yet.

Nuance, the owner of Swype, is already providing voice recognition technology that Apple uses in Siri. Both of these companies have a good working relationship, at least that’s what it looks like from the outside. It is said that Apple wants to make some big improvements to the iOS keyboard, it could either adop Swype altogether or license certain technologies that Swype uses. Tell us what you think, would you like having Swype or a similar keyboard technology on iOS?

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