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NVIDIA's "Wayne" Tegra 4 SoC Presumably Detailed In Leaked Slide
NVIDIA’s rumored “Wayne” Tegra 4 chip, which will reportedly debut at the CES 2013, has just been leaked by the Chinese tech site Chip Hell. According to the leaked slide, as seen above, “Wayne” will offer a low-power 28-nanometer process and a 5th battery saver core which will support the overall 4-PLUS-1 quad-core CPU. The leaked slide also reveals an impressive 72-core GPU that is 20 times the power found […]

Tegra Grey will fuse Tegra and LTE in 2013
At the NVIDIA Investors day, Mike Rayfield (General Manager, Mobile Business unit) has presented what the future of Tegra was going to be. You may have noticed that NVIDIA’s current Icera i410 LTE modem has been approved by AT&T, but the future is of course the “integration” of LTE (and LTE next, says NVIDIA) into the Tegra chips. This will effectively happen with the upcoming Tegra chip code-named “Grey”.

Top 10 CES Gadgets
LG and Samsung 55” OLED TV,At CES, both LG and Samsung have committed to commercialize large-size OLED televisions by the end of the year. While no pricing has been announced yet, the rumored price is said to be hovering around $8000. We don’t know how close this is to reality, but it’s fair to assume that most people won’t be able to afford one the first models. Fortunately, OLED TVs […]

The Dark Meadow brings survival horror to Android devices next year
The quality of games available on mobile devices is rising pretty quickly, with the shift moving from casual time wasters you play while waiting for the bus to triple-A titles that you want to experience on a large display with your tablet’s HDMI output; which is good news for gamers who are looking for more than just simple games on their mobile devices. We recently got SHADOWGUN, a title optimized […]


HTC Quattro Tegra 3 Tablet [Product Shot]
We knew from a previous leak that HTC was going to release a device called “Quattro”. Obviously the big noise about it is that it should feature Tegra 3, NVIDIA’s new quad-core chip. Also, it will include Beats Audio, the technology that HTC has recently acquired at great expense.Physically, the device will have a 10.1 display but we don’t yet know what LCD will be selected. We heard that the […]

Shadowgun for Android is Impressive
Shadowgun is now available on the Android Market, so I went there and picked it up for $4.99. I know, I could have had the free “press” version, but I’ve looked at the game, and I wanted to show some support for the developers. Why? Because the game looks really good, and if you take into account that it was done with the Unity Engine, the result is simply amazing. […]

Uber Giveaway: Galaxy Tab 8.9 + Jambox wireless speaker + $25 gift card
Ubergizmo is joining forces with NVIDIA to bring you TWO great giveaways:  each “uberpack” contains: 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablet, powered by NVIDIA Tegra 1 Jambox wireless speaker 1 $25 AMEX gift card that you can use to try the just-released ShadowGun game, for example. If you want to thank NVIDIA, follow Tegra on Twitter and retweet this post. If you like this Ubergizmo giveaway, click on the Facebook […]

Sprinkle Game To Run On NVIDIA's Quad-Core Tegra "Soon"
Usually cool graphics are synonymous with “action games”. Granted those look great, and we’re big fans, but it is refreshing to see a cool game like Sprinkle which mixes very realistic fluid dynamics with cute cartoon graphics.The player must extinguish fires in a village using a water hose. The twist is that not every part of the village can be sprayed directly, so the player will have to make the […]

Ubergizmo Giveaway: Two Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Win!
Update: This giveaway is now closed and we will randomly draw two winners. Thanks for your interest! Update 2: Two winners have been contacted. Upon confirmation, we will post a final update.We have recently closed the previous Android tablet giveaways, but if you missed out on those, here’s another chance to get one of the coolest Android 3.x tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 features an impressive design which is […]

Ubergizmo Giveaway: Three More Tegra-Powered Motorola Xoom To Win!
Update: the giveaway is closed… we’re contacting the winners… stay tuned! Update 2: all 3 winners have been contacted via Facebook! We’re waiting to hear from them. Update 3: Aaron Yanez and Kevin Nagg are two of the three winners – congratulations! (We’re still trying to reach the third person).Google has recently released Android version 3.1, and the Xoom was first in line to get the upgrade, so now is […]

Motorola Photon Preview
Sometime this summer, an enhanced version of the AT&T Motorola Atrix (read out Motorola Atrix Review) – the first dual core Android smartphone, the one that can be jacked into a screen/keyboard accessory to create a laptop – will be coming to Sprint as the Motorola Photon 4G.However, the Motorola Photon 4G, announced earlier this morning, won’t be able to use the Atrix charging/connecting dock or its Lapdock screen/keyboard accessory […]

NVIDIA Quad-Core Tegra Gets a Glowing DEMO (+Video)
NVIDIA GlowBall - NVIDIA is demonstrating its quad-core Tegra chip named Kal-El (a reference to Superman) with the Glowball demo. To most users, the tech demo shows, well, a glowing ball that rolls around

NVIDIA buys Icera, a baseband chipmaker, for $367M
NVIDIA has just announced the acquisition of a baseband chipmaker called Icera. The company makes the “baseband”, or communications processor that talks to the cell towers. Icera customers include heavyweight Nokia and ZTE.Other system on a chip (SoC) vendors like Qualcomm have a lot of experience in baseband technology and baseband integration on  their SoC. That gives them an edge, particularly in the mid-range and entry-level smartphones because highly integrated […]

Zen Pinball THD Android Pinball Game, For Tegra Only
Zen Studios porting its fantasy Pinball game called Sorcerer’s Lair on PS3 to Android, but only for Tegra-powered devices.  Called Zen Pinball THD on Android, it will soon appear on Tegra Zone, NVIDIA’s own directory of graphics-intensive games that work best with their hardware.  You may have seen this game on the PlayStation Network (yes, before it went down…, and if you have not, I have included a video of […]