This is a screenshot from the Android version

Zen Studios porting its fantasy Pinball game called Sorcerer’s Lair on PS3 to Android, but only for Tegra-powered devices.  Called Zen Pinball THD on Android, it will soon appear on Tegra Zone, NVIDIA’s own directory of graphics-intensive games that work best with their hardware.  You may have seen this game on the PlayStation Network (yes, before it went down…, and if you have not, I have included a video of the PS3 version in the full post. For a PS3 game it’s not that intensive, but for a pinball game, it’s pretty decent.

I have not seen it run on Android yet, but this is only a matter of time: Zen plans to demonstrate it tomorrow at Google IO (in San Francisco) in the “developer sandbox”. If you wonder what a pinball game has to do with sorcerers, here’s how Zen describes the game:

Sorcerer’s Lair is set in an ancient magical Citadel, with players assuming the role of a brother and sister duo who find themselves outmatched by an evil Sorcerer. In order to survive the Sorcerer’s arsenal of attacks, including skeletons, spiders and ghosts, the pair must uncover magical secrets that will aid in their offense. Befriended by Whisper, a friendly ghost trapped in the Citadel, the duo are able to end the Sorcerer’s reign and restore the Citadel to its peaceful existence.

Now the question is: how fast does it run on Tegra 2 devices? My guess is that it should run anywhere between 30fps and 60fps, but we’ll see that soon enough. Who wants to bet?

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