Tesco To Trial Paperless Receipts By Sending Them To Your Phone

Whenever you buy something, there’s a good chance that you will be given a receipt. This receipt acts as a proof of purchase and also for those of you who do your own taxes and want to keep track of your spending. Unfortunately these receipts don’t last particularly long and tend to fade, which means that you’ll find yourself with a pile of wasted paper.

Tesco Mobile To Lower Your Phone Bill If You Agree To View Ads

Ads in apps and websites aren’ new, but how annoying do you think it will be if you were to unlock your smartphone and see an ad displayed? After all you paid for your smartphone in full, so why should the phone itself contain ads, right? However Tesco Mobile is hoping that you will view ads on your phone, in exchange for a lower phone bill.

Rat Accompanies Delivered Online Grocery Purchase

While online shopping has been touted to be the future, especially for busy families who have no time to run down to the grocery store, one should also be wary of one’s purchases. There were instances of a man buying a PS4 from Walmart only to find two bags of rocks within, while another person picked up a PS4 from the dubious Craigslist, discovering that there were two towels within […]

Tesco Hudl2 Android Tablet Unveiled With Slightly Beefier Specs

Tesco, as some of you guys are aware by now, is the name of a chain of supermarkets. However the company has also dabbled in hardware, like the Tesco Hudl tablet which they announced last year. This year Tesco reportedly had plans for a smartphone of their own but it was later revealed that they had put those plans on ice. Instead the company revealed that they were looking at […]


Tesco Puts Hudl Android Smartphone Plans On Ice

Tesco, to most people, is a supermarket chain and while they sell home brand items like soap, sauces, cereal, and etc., they have also recently dived into selling their own mobile devices under the Hudl brand. The company announced their Hudl Android tablet last year and according to an earlier report this year, they had plans for a Hudl smartphone as well. Now if you were looking forward to seeing […]

Tesco Announces Plans For Android Powered Smartphone

Tesco, for those unfamiliar, is a supermarket chain that’s pretty popular in countries like the UK and some parts of Asia. However it seems that the company will not be limiting itself to just selling groceries as they have recently announced their plans to launch an Android smartphone of their own. This is also not Tesco’s first foray into the digital world as it was back in 2013 that the […]

Tesco To Start Introducing Face-Scanning Customized Ads At Its Gas Stations

If you have seen the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, you might remember several scenes in the movie where a camera scans the eye of the person and will display advertisements that are relevant to said person. Well it looks like something similar will be happening over in the UK at Tesco, and if you’re planning on shopping at Tesco anytime in the near future, this is an interesting […]

7-inch Tesco Hudl Tablet Announced For £119

Thanks to Android being an open-sourced operating system, it basically means that just about anyone with the resources would be able to create a smartphone or tablet with their own branding, and UK retailer Tesco has announced a new Android tablet in the form of the Hudl, which we guess is pronounced as “huddle”. The tablet is a 7” device and sports a 1.5GHz quad-core chipset under the hood. It […]