If you have seen the movie Minority Reporttesco starring Tom Cruise, you might remember several scenes in the movie where a camera scans the eye of the person and will display advertisements that are relevant to said person. Well it looks like something similar will be happening over in the UK at Tesco, and if you’re planning on shopping at Tesco anytime in the near future, this is an interesting feature you might want to check out. Basically these ads are similar to those found in the movie, where a screen with a built-in camera will be placed at Tesco’s gas stations where it will have the ability to identify users bby their gender, approximate age, and will be able to customize its ads accordingly.

The ads will come from a UK digital media company, Amscreen, who will utilize face-tracking technology made by French company, Quividi that will help identify the traits mentioned above. On top of being able to detect the age and gender of a person, it will also act as a data collection device where it will be able to record how long a person is looking at the ad, allowing companies to modify their ads to make them more effective, although presumably at the start people will be looking at the ads longer due to the novelty of having ads customized to them. It sounds pretty cool and Amscreen is hoping to introduce these screens to Tesco’s supermarket outlets in the future as well. What do you guys think?

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