Whenever you buy something, there’s a good chance that you will be given a receipt. This receipt acts as a proof of purchase and also for those of you who do your own taxes and want to keep track of your spending. Unfortunately these receipts don’t last particularly long and tend to fade, which means that you’ll find yourself with a pile of wasted paper.


Tesco definitely does not want that which is why the retailer has been trialing out a new system in which receipts are no longer printed on paper, but are instead sent to users on their smartphone. All customers have to do is tap a unique sticker on one of the specially setup terminals following their purchase, after which the receipt will then be sent to Tesco’s accompany mobile app in which shoppers can then have a digital copy of it.

Speaking to Mashable, a Tesco spokesman said, “We’re always looking for ways to make the shopping trip a little bit easier for customers. We’re currently trialling a digital receipt service in one of our stores which will allow customers to keep a record of all their receipts in one place.” The trial is said to have been going on for the past few months in the UK and is expected to come to an end mid-November.

Tesco is then expected to speak to customers to get their thoughts on the feature before deciding if this is a system that deserves to be rolled out on a wider basis, but what do you guys think? Are paperless receipts the way to go in the future?

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