tesla software updateOne of the benefits of using infotainment systems like Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto is that you can download and use apps within your car. This means that if you prefer using Google Maps over your car’s own mapping service, you can. You will also be able to stream using your favorite music apps like Apple Music, Spotify, and so on.

That being said, it looks like Tesla could now be considering something similar for their own cars as well. This is according to a report from TheDriven in which they claim to have heard that Tesla is apparently working on developing their own app store which could be used in their cars in the future.

This means that next time, developers could submit their apps to Tesla for approval and be downloaded and used within their cars. It has been suggested that this app store could have been in the works since at least 2021, but it is unclear when it could be launched.

Creating their own app store could be rather interesting and could also potentially be a new way for Tesla to generate revenue, assuming they plan on taking commissions from app purchases like everyone else is doing. Also, we can imagine that this could be a thing for future smarter cars, plus with Apple reportedly working on their own car, perhaps that could be a feature we can expect in the future as well.

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