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Tinder Places Lets You Meet People At Your Favorite Hangout
Tinder is a location-based app and that’s pretty much how it works, where based on your location and also your settings, it shows you matches that are around you right now. However it seems that Tinder is taking it to the next level in the form of Tinder Places which will try to match users based on their favorite hangouts.

Tinder Testing Out Animated Profile Photos
GIFs aren’t exactly new but they seem to be undergoing some kind re-emergence where we’re seeing their adoption in apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, and so on. Now it looks like dating app Tinder wants to get in on the GIF fun as well as they have announced a new feature that they are testing out called “Loops”.

Tinder Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over Accounts With Phone Number
It was just last month that it was discovered that dating app Tinder had a security flaw that lets strangers see your photos and matches. Now according to a report from Appsecure (via The Verge), a new flaw has been discovered that looks like it would have been potentially more damaging.

Tinder Will Now Let Women Initiate Conversations First
When two people match on Tinder, either person can take the first step and initiate the conversation by sending the first message. That’s how it has always been on Tinder but the popular dating app is now making a fundamental change. It will soon allow women to initiate the conversation, meaning that even if they match with someone, that person won’t be able to message them until they decide to […]


US Appeals Court Says Tinder Plus Pricing Is Discriminatory
As some of you might know, Tinder has a feature called Tinder Plus which unlocks more features in the dating app, such as browsing from a different location, rewinding, and so on. It is however a subscription feature meaning that users need to pay a monthly fee if they want to keep using those features.

Tinder Vulnerability Lets Strangers See Your Photos & Matches
It is typically advised that if you were to hook onto a public WiFi network that you probably shouldn’t conduct sensitive business matters, such as online banking, or maybe even sharing sensitive information like prototype products, and the likes. However what about casual use, like using Tinder?

Tinder Introduces AI-Powered ‘Super Likeable’ Feature
Dating apps like Tinder basically let you “choose” who you like and don’t like, so for the most part it’s really up to you and your personal preference. However what if computers, like AI, knew what kind of people we might be attracted to? Tinder’s latest feature called “Super Likeable” seems to want to achieve that.

Tinder Gold Lets You See Who Swiped Right On You
Tinder, the world’s leading hookup app, has been testing a new paid tier called Tinder Gold in markets like the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, and Canada. For a monthly fee, users can see which of their fellow Tinder users swiped right on their profile thus indicating their interest in them. The paid tier also brings a couple of other features that normal users don’t get. Tinder Gold is now available […]

Tinder Launches Web App For Desktop
Ever since the hookup app Tinder was launched it has only been available on smartphones. However, you will now be able to swipe right (or left) on your PC if you’re bored at work and wouldn’t find checking out Tinder. A Tinder web app for desktop has been launched today which will allow users to swipe from any browser, anywhere in the world.

There Is Apparently A Secret Members-Only Version Of Tinder
Even if you don’t use it, there’s a good chance that you might have heard of the dating app Tinder which has made something of a cultural impact and has found its way into pop culture. Tinder is open to pretty much everyone with a Facebook account, but according to TechCrunch, there might exist a secret members-only version of the app.

Dating App Tinder Makes Its Way Onto The Apple TV
The TV used to be the device we used when we wanted to show TV shows or movies. Fast forward to today, and our TV can do a lot more than that. It can play games, let us surf the web, lets us do our shopping, and now it seems that you can even surf for potential romantic partners, thanks to Tinder launching for the Apple TV.

Tinder's Skip-The-Queue Feature Now Being Rolled Out Worldwide
Tinder announced its skip-the-queue feature called Tinder Boost last month. What it basically does is list a user’s profile among the top profiles in their area for 30 minutes. This means that if someone is swiping in their area, their profile is likely to come up at the very top of the list. Tinder says that this increases their chances for a match and can get them up to ten […]

Tinder Creates Fancy Algorithm To Increase Your Chances Of A Match
It can be pretty hard to stand out in a crowd of Tinder users, but the company wants to give you a helping hand. Today it announced a fancy new algorithm called Smart Photos. Tinder says that this new algorithm enables users to “maximize the potential of their first profile photo.” Since that’s the only thing most users look at before they decide to swipe left or right the algo […]

Tinder Lets You Skip The Queue With ‘Tinder Boost’
At its core, Tinder is simple enough to use. You create a profile, and whenever you’re within someone’s range, your profile and photo will pop up and the other person can swipe left or right if they dislike/like you. However Tinder has evolved over the years and a new feature they have introduced is called Tinder Boost.