Ever since the hookup app Tinder was launched it has only been available on smartphones. However, you will now be able to swipe right (or left) on your PC if you’re bored at work and wouldn’t find checking out Tinder. A Tinder web app for desktop has been launched today which will allow users to swipe from any browser, anywhere in the world.


Tinder says that the web app has been created to help our users who don’t find it easy to just reach out for their smartphone, open the app, and start messaging their matches.

That’s because not all places on Earth have 4G, some users can’t get bundled services while others don’t have enough memory on their phones to support the Tinder app.

This also means that those who can’t take out their smartphones in a lecture hall during a lecture they perceive to be boring but have access to their laptops can get in on the Tinder action as well.

Tinder Online can be accessed from within a web browser anywhere in the world. It’s the same Tinder experience that users know and love but just delivered in a different manner.

It’s easy to use. Visit Tinder.com from any browser and login through Facebook. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden is where Tinder Online has been tested in and it will soon be available globally for all users.

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