Remote-controlled helicopters may seem cool, but nowhere near as cool as a remote-controlled toilets, which, of course, is being made available in Japan, which we like to refer to as the country where the toilet reigns supreme.

We’ve seen toilets that connect to your smartphone, as well as a motorcycle whose seat was replaced with a toilet, but these remote-controlled toilets take the Japanese obsession a little too far. The “Remote Control Japanese Style Toilet” wasn’t created to replace your actual toilet when the urge to go comes and you’re to lazy to make a trip to the bathroom as this RC toilet is as big as a standard remote-control car. Instead, it was created, to quote the manufacturer, “Because, this is Japan. That’s why!”

If you feel the need to use the RC toilet to carry around items that wouldn’t be considered human waste, then it’s just the right size to transport drinks, snacks or maybe even a small Japanese toilet’s worth of macaroni and cheese. Just don’t go pooping in the thing.

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