The Exhibit Bar in London, together with Captive Media, have fitted a hands free gaming system in the toilets of all places. It seems that this was done in an attempt to lure customers over by creating a “buzz” about the venue, and according to Captive Media’s research, these bathroom gaming systems have had a significant impact on the sales as well (a positive impact, we hope).

Three games have been installed in the bar’s bathroom, and one of them is a game by Captive Media called “Clever Dick”. This is your run of the mill trivia game, but the kicker here is that bar patrons will be able to answer the questions to the quizzes simply by aiming their stream to the left or right of the urinal pan. In fact if you’re feeling competitive, you could even post your scores to an online leader board or onto Twitter.

We’re not sure if the idea of a toilet with a gaming system will last very long. At the very least it will prove to be a novel idea that may attract some buzz, but it seems unlikely that it will be the deciding factor as to whether people will end up patronizing the venue. What do you guys think? Somehow the idea of drunk men attempting to answer trivia questions while relieving themselves sounds like a mess that no janitor will be happy to clean up.

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