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PC Divisions Of Toshiba, Fujitsu, Vaio Rumored To Join Forces
Last year Sony confirmed that they would be selling off its Vaio computing division. Given that there are so many PC makers in the market, we suppose it makes sense for Sony to not try to spread themselves too thin. Now according to a report from Nikkei (via The Verge), it seems that Toshiba and Fujitsu are considering similar moves as well.The report claims that Toshiba and Fujitsu are both considering […]

Sony Confirms Plans To Acquire Toshiba’s Image Sensor Business
Last week it was rumored that Sony could be interested in acquiring Toshiba’s image sensor business. It was only a rumor at that time and neither Sony nor Toshiba had confirmed it, at least until now where Sony has since come forward with an official statement and an announcement of its plans.According to Sony’s press release, “Sony Corporation (“Sony”) and Toshiba Corporation (“Toshiba”) today announced that they have entered into […]

Sony Could Buy Toshiba’s Image Sensor Business [Rumor]
Sony’s image sensors are very well-known and renowned. In fact there are many camera manufacturers out there who sometimes relies on Sony’s sensors for their products, not to mention Sony’s sensors have also found their way into many a smartphone, with Apple’s iPhones being one of their more high-profile clients.According to a report from Reuters, it seems that Sony’s domination in the image sensor business is about to grow. The […]

Toshiba Launches Windows 10 Powered DynaPad Tablet
Toshiba has launched a new tablet powered by Windows 10, called the DynaPad it’s not that different from the tablet hybrids that are increasingly becoming common these days, and might as well be taking inspiration from the Microsoft Surface. However this isn’t the first DynaPad from Toshiba, the company actually launched the first DynaPad back in 1993 when touchscreen tablets weren’t exactly common.


Toshiba Unveils Refreshed Chromebook 2
Last year Toshiba took the wraps off the Chromebook 2. Now if you are after a relatively affordable laptop and you’re not too fussed about its operating system, you might be interested to learn that Toshiba has since made a return to the Chromebook scene with a refreshed Chromebook 2.So what’s new about the refreshed Chromebook 2? For starters Toshiba has throw in a backlit keyboard. For those who type […]

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 4K Convertible Laptop Announced
Most laptops these days tend to feature Full HD resolutions, with some of the higher-end models sporting QHD or UHD displays. That being said if you’re after a new laptop and a high resolution is a must, maybe because you want to edit photos or videos, then you might be interested in the recently announced Toshiba Satellite Radius 12.We should point out that the Satellite Radius 12 isn’t strictly a […]

Toshiba's New Back To School Windows 10 Laptops Are Here
Toshiba today announced new laptops and 2-in-1 hybrids that make up its entire back to school lineup of Windows 10 products. It has introduced a new Satellite C Series model, this particular series is currently the company’s best selling line of notebooks. All of these new products will be released this summer just in time for the back to school season and they will either be running Windows 10 out of […]

Toshiba Will Have A Dedicated Cortana Button On Its Laptops
As we’re sure most of you guys are aware by now, Cortana will be headed onto Windows 10 computers, so if you loved the voice assistant on your phone, you should love it on your computer as well. The good news is that Toshiba wants to make accessing Cortana even easier and have announced a new feature coming to its laptopsThe company has stated that with their new Windows 10 […]

Toshiba Targets Action Photographers With New MicroSD Cards
Toshiba knows that there is a growing market of action photographers as well as mobile customers who would want more and more storage space on their devices, which is why Toshiba has decided to cater to these groups with the EXCERIA Pro SD and EXCERIA microSD memory cards.

Toshiba Reveals New Retractable And Mini USB Flash Drives
Toshiba of Japan has just announced that they will be introducing new members to the TransMemory family, and the two debutants would be the TransMemory Retractable U362 Retractable Flash Drive that boasts of a retractable design and super-fast USB 3.0 performance, in addition to the TransMemory Mini U201 USB Flash Drive that has been specially optimized for older USB 2.0 ports.

Toshiba’s Humanoid Robot Will Now Greet Shoppers In Tokyo
You might recall that last year during CEATEC, we reported that Toshiba was working on a humanoid robot called Aiko Chihira. Unlike most robots which look, well, robot-like, Aiko Chihira is very humanoid in its appearance which you can see for yourself in the video above that was uploaded by the Hindustan Times.The good news is that if you want to see the robot in action, Toshiba and Tokyo’s Mitsukoshi […]

Toshiba Unveils New Internal & External 6TB Hard Drives
It used to be that back in the day, having 1GB of hard drive storage was considered a rather lavish affair, but fast forward to 2015 having 1TB is considered the standard, and for some a bare minimum. If you’re in that camp and you think that 1TB is still too low, you might be interested to learn that Toshiba has recently announced new 6TB hard drives.While achieving 6TB in […]

Toshiba Refreshes KIRAbook Laptop
It goes without saying that a company that does not introduce updates to their product range, or improvements – whether from the hardware or software point of view, will eventually be left behind. Toshiba does not just involve themselves in the realm of consumer electronics, but they also happen to roll out their fair share of laptops, too, and the KIRAbook laptop range happens to be one of the more […]

Toshiba Has More Camera Modules For Project Ara
If you call yourself a smartphone fan, then there is every reason for you to get all excited about Google’s very own Project Ara, which is touted to make an appearance at Mobile World Congress later this year. Project Ara has caused its fair bit of ripples in the previous year, and it does look as though Toshiba of Japan will join up with the other players when it comes […]