CortanaAs we’re sure most of you guys are aware by now, Cortana will be headed onto Windows 10 computers, so if you loved the voice assistant on your phone, you should love it on your computer as well. The good news is that Toshiba wants to make accessing Cortana even easier and have announced a new feature coming to its laptops

The company has stated that with their new Windows 10 laptops, they are planning on adding a dedicated button that will launch Cortana instantly. According to Toshiba, the physical button will sit at the upper left area of the laptop near the function keys, thus giving users quick and easy access to the feature whenever they want.

It’s a clever idea and an efficient one as well. That being it isn’t the most inconvenient to launch Cortana, but we suppose with the added button things will be a lot simpler, especially if Cortana for Windows 10 takes off in a big way. We can only assume that if this is a successful feature that other laptop OEMs will start including it as well.

According to Mark Hachman from PCWorld, he speculates that perhaps Microsoft could include such a feature in their computer mice as well. We have to admit that we like the idea, although who’s to say that you can’t map Cortana to one of your extra mouse buttons now, right? In the meantime Windows 10 has been pegged for a release on the 29th of July.

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