tomb raiderBack in 2013, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics launched the first game in the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. It was announced the following year that the game’s sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, would be seeing a release in the fall of 2015 and will be a timed exclusive to the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

This means that as far as the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise is concerned, there are two titles under Square Enix’s belt. However according to a recent trademark filing in Europe (via the NeoGAF forums), it seems that Square Enix has recently filed for a trademark to the name “Lara Croft: Relic Run”, hinting at yet another Tomb Raider title that could be in the works.

Unfortunately the trademark filing doesn’t tell us much in terms of what to expect, which platforms it will be available on, release date, and etc., which means that apart from the name, we have no idea what to expect from it. However as some of the members in the NeoGAF forum have speculated, the title does seem to be ripe for an endless runner mobile game.

In fact given Temple Run’s theme, we guess we can’t say we would be completely surprised if Square Enix were to attempt something similar, except that they would use a more familiar face – that of Lara Croft – to represent the character in the game. Of course there are some who are skeptical that Square Enix would even consider such a game, but in any case it’s all speculation for now, but what do you guys think it could be?

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