samsung-logoAbout a week ago we reported that Samsung could be considering rebranding its TouchWiz UI to something else. This is based on a screenshot which showed the name “Samsung Experience” in place of TouchWiz, thus leading to the speculation that Samsung could be changing things up.

Now thanks to a sighting by (via SamMobile), it seems that the “Samsung Experience” name could be the real deal as Samsung has filed for a trademark for that name, as well as registering a logo for it. Of course it is entirely possible that “Samsung Experience” could be for something else entirely, but for now it looks like the name is the real thing.

We’re not sure why Samsung might want to rebrand TouchWiz, but perhaps it could be the company’s way of moving forwards. Samsung’s brand and reputation suffered a serious blow when the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled not just once, but twice, ultimately leading to the device’s discontinuation.

A series of blunders in China also did not win the company any favors, so it possible that maybe a new branding for its phone’s software could signal a change is coming. Either way it does seem that it is merely a change in name for now, but we’ll probably have to wait for Nougat’s release on the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to get a better idea, or maybe those changes might manifest in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

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