Samsung Will Unveil World’s Largest Bendable UHD TV Next Month

The Korean juggernaut appears to live by “the bigger the better” moto, which is evident in its mobile devices as well as products like televisions. Back at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year the company showed off some of its biggest 4K and Ultra HD TVs yet. It has something else up its sleeve for IFA 2014 next month. Samsung confirmed today that it will show off […]

Samsung Smart Signage TV Announced

South Korean conglomerate Samsung has yet another trick up their sleeves – in the form of the Samsung Smart Signage TV, otherwise known as SSTV in short. The SSTV happens to be an all-in-one digital signage solution which was specially designed to target small, single-location business owners. It delivers everything that a tiny storefront owner requires in order to get their business kickin’ where digital signage is concerned, where it […]

LG 55EC930 OLED TV Marks A New Low…In Price

Most of the time, when we talk about large sized TVs, chances are these behemoths would cost an arm and a leg, and maybe beyond that. However, with South Korean giant LG announcing their latest offering, the LG 55EC930 OLED TV, it is surprising to take note (in a pleasant manner, of course) that the LG 55EC9300 actually costs less than the $3,500 mark, which makes it a new low […]

Vizio E Series TVs Recalled

If you juggle with a tight budget every single month, you would know that it can be pretty difficult trying to purchase a new gadget at the same time balance the cheque books with all of life’s daily necessities. Having said that, Vizio has always done a pretty good job when it comes to rolling out a TV for the budget minded that does not break the bank, without sacrificing […]


Sony Bravia S90 Curved TV Arrives

When it comes to the world of curved TVs, this particular market is far from being mature, as the major players are just starting to step into the fray with Samsung and their 55” offering that we took a look at last August, alongside LG and their monstrous EC9800, although both manufacturers have already released larger models ever since. Having said that, Sony does not want to lose out on […]

Vidmind Receives $30 Million Investment From Trellas

Have you ever heard of Vidmind? They happen to be a particular startup which will allow operators to launch a full blown Pay TV service using the Internet, which is definitely the way to move forward in the future. In fact, Russian retail giant Trellas has just announced that they believe in Vidmind’s capabilities so much that they have decided to invest a sum of $30 million into the group […]

Samsung Bendable TV Rolls Out In South Korea August 1st

They say that good things come to those who wait, and for the masses who were wowed by the fact that a high definition TV could bend to become straight from its curved form factor, it looks as though you do not have far too long to wait any more. Samsung’s bendable TV is all set to debut this coming 1st of August in where else, but its home country […]

LG 105-Inch Curved Ultra HD TV Pre-Orders Kick Off

LG revealed its new 105” Curved Ultra HD TV commercial display in February earlier this year, and here we are with word that this 105” Curved Ultra HD TV has finally gone on pre-order, sporting a whopping resolution of more than 11 million pixels (5,120 x 2,160) as well as a CinemaScope 21:9 aspect ratio. Also known as the model number 105UC9 TV, where it also delivers an extremely immersive […]

Sling Introduces Slingbox M1 And SlingTV

For those who would love to be able to access their cable or satellite box from any device, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone, and so on, you might be interested to learn that Sling Media has officially announced several additions to their Sling family in the form of the Slingbox M1 and the SlingTV.Starting with the Slingbox M1, this is an entry-level device from Sling and will retail for […]

Amazon Confirms Thriller ‘Hysteria’ For Third Pilot Season

Major TV networks are no longer the only outlets that create exception TV series. Over the past few years online video streaming companies like Netflix have show networks how they can create award-winning content with a similar budget, while taking a totally different approach to broadcasting and advertising, in Netflix’s case, the latter is non-existent on its service. Amazon is also on the list of companies dumping millions into original content […]

Sony Expects Its TV Business To Be Profitable This Year

Sony Corporation’s TV division has been in the red for the better part of the decade but the company is now hopeful that it will be profitable this year. Back in March Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai told investors that despite rumors on the contrary the company’s TV division was not up for sale. Instead Sony decided to spin off the division. Sony’s TV business will now become a separate subsidiary of […]

Samsung TVs In Africa Sport A Very Different Build

Contextualization is something that companies should grasp if they want to succeed in an international environment. For instance, an advertisement in South America might do very well, but it might just tank in the far east, due to cultural difference and understanding. Having said that, Samsung knows this very well, which is why their TVs which are sold in Africa are different from those in other markets. These special regional […]

Samsung Curved Smart TVs Target The Hospitality Industry

When you go and stay at a posh hotel, you would expect it to arrive with all of the creature comforts away from home, topped with an unrivaled service, of course. Well, individual hotel chains have their strengths, and being entertained on the road is one particular requirement for some folks who need to unwind after a long day at work. Samsung intends to maximize your visual entertainment experience in […]

LG UHD 4K LED TV Range Revealed

LG Electronics is proud to introduce their third-generation Ultra HD 4K LED TV range, where it will arrive in seven different screen sizes across a trio of model series, which would make consumers spoiled for choice. The 2014 models from LG have surpassed the Consumer Electronics Association’s new characteristics for “Connected Ultra HDTVs,” and have been specially designed from ground up to be able to deliver handle 4K content from […]