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YouTube TV App Gets Big Update Today
If you tend to watch YouTube frequently on the biggest screen in your home then you will be interested to find out that the YouTube app for TV has received a big update. The latest version of this app features an improved user interface that organizes categories in a much better fashion. It’s all geared towards providing the best YouTube experience to people watching it on TV in the living […]

BeoVision 14 Is Bang & Olufsen's New 4K Android TV
Bang & Olufsen is best known for its premium audio products but the company is also in the business of selling televisions. It makes a few of those and takes its time to come out with new models and now it has finally introduced a new TV. The BeoVision 14 is a special one as it’s the first model by the company that is powered by Android TV. This 4K […]

Sony's New Z Series 4K TVs Are Amazing And Expensive
Sony isn’t done releasing new TVs this year. The company today announced the launch of its Z Series 4K TVs which it calls the “ultimate 4K HDR Ultra HD TV.” Sony is taking 4K HDR to a new level with ultra-contrast, more realistic and accurate color, deeper blacks, brighter lights and more vibrant colors.

Vizio M-Series TV Now Sports An Android Controller
We do know that Vizio is a company that churns out really, really affordable TVs without having to compromise on the hardware, not to mention that some of their TV sets could eventually arrive with Chromecast built into it. This time around, we have received word that the Vizio M-Series TVs will now boast of an Android controller, while those who decide to opt for the E-Series will be able […]


LG & Samsung Will Reportedly Start Phasing Out 3D TVs
While 3D movies are still watched by many audiences around the world, the desire to own a 3D TV set at home isn’t quite at those levels. In fact several years ago, several OEMs bet it big that 3D smartphones would be all the rage, which we supposed made sense given how people reacted to movies like Avatar, and gaming consoles like the Nintendo 3DS.

For The First Time Samsung's TV Sales In North America Cross $1 Billion
In September 2004 Samsung announced that it had achieved more than $100 million in monthly sales for the first time in North America, by October 2007 this number had climbed to $500 million. It has taken the company over eight years to double that as today it announced that its TV sales have crossed more than $1 billion in North America for the very first time in October.

Vizio Smart TV ‘Spies’ On Viewers?
Is it any wonder that smart devices in this day and age have the capability to be able to “spy” on you? It looks like the Vizio Smart TV is one of those devices, where it tracks the way you watch your TV and – horror of horrors, will share out that particular data with third parties. This data collecting feature has been turned on by default right out of […]

Samsung Begins To Ship New 4K TVs Alongside Tizen OS
Interestingly enough, in 2013, it was reported that Samsung’s Tizen OS was “almost dead”, but fast forward a couple of years later, and we have a new range of Samsung 4K TVs that are being shipped – and ironically, these happen to have the Tizen operating system running underneath the hood, which means that we are looking at smart TVs here.

Panasonic Reveals First Firefox OS-Powered Smart TVs
Panasonic did make an announcement earlier this January at CES that they were working on a brand new range of TVs that will sport 4K displays, and these TVs will boast of smart TV software that are based on Firefox OS. Hence, it is nice to know that the company is starting to parade some of these Firefox OS-powered TVs, which will kick things off with a bunch of Panasonic […]

Hannspree Delivers A Micro PC Of Its Own
Is it me, or is the trend of micro PCs growing in a slow and steady manner? After all, we have seen the likes of the Intel Compute Stick, not to mention Meego’s offering. This time around, it would be Hannspree that is behind the latest micro PC for your consideration. Hannspree is well known for their TVs that come in various designs which are more often than not suitable […]

Samsung SUHD Smart TV Lineup
CES is always about bigger, crispier and smarter screens and since 3D has been long gone, manufacturers need to rely on higher resolution, fancy form factors (curved) and next generation software to convince consumers to buy new TVs on a regular basis.So what better than a new marketing term to define imaging excellence and hopefully boost the sales?When I asked Bill Lee, Vice President, CBD – Product Marketing TV, Samsung […]

Haier Unveils 105” LED and 55” OLED Curved TVs
The leading Korean manufacturers have been introducing curved TVs for some time now, LG being the first one to create such a home entertainment device back in January 2013. Today at CES 2015, the chinese brand Haier is announcing its own 105” curved LED TV and 55” curved OLED TV, we have not seen them yet but we will make sure to stop by the booth to check the image […]

Samsung 78-Inch Curved UHD TV Comes With Gold Painted Back
Samsung is no stranger to innovation, especially when it comes to the TV space. In fact, they happened to have rolled out Curved UHD TVs in the past to great acclaim, and just to make an even more ostentatious statement, this time around the South Korean consumer electronics giant has introduced a 78” Curved UHD TV that will feature a gold painted back, now how about that for being over […]

Glaucoma Could Be Diagnosed By Watching TV
I would go out on a limb here and mention that many of us would have grown up having watched more TV than recommended, much to the chagrin of or parents. Well, it would not be uncommon to hear that watching too much TV is good for your eyes, but it seems as though the table has turned now, as British researchers have discovered that they could actually diagnose glaucoma. […]