The idea of a driverless car might sound exciting to some, but for some others, it is not something that is worth gambling one’s life on, no matter how safe it has been declared to be. Sort of how some people still refuse to board an aircraft and prefer to get around on a set of wheels. Having said that, Internet search giant Google can be to be one of the pioneers of a driverless car, as they have already received a patent for it, and this time around, we have word that driverless cars will be tested on UK public roads by end of 2013.

We understand that at the moment, UK trials of the autonomous vehicles have resulted on private land, and things are set to change before we usher in 2014. So far, driverless cars are said to be guided by a system of sensors as well as cameras, and are touted to be safer and more efficient than regular vehicles, although that is open to debate since it has not yet taken off on a global scale. At the very least, there will be a back-up driver in the tests that will ride along, and this driver will take over just in case something goes awry. Would you settle for a driverless car?

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