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Logitech Unveils Harmony Ultimate, Smart Control Universal Remote Controls
Logitech announced it would be laying off 140 of its employees, or nearly 5 percent of its non-direct workforce, in an attempt to shift its focus to its more popular mobile accessories. Since then, the company has launched a new line of PC gaming peripherals as well as a new Keyboard Folio for the iPad and iPad Mini. Logitech is now launching some additional accessories for fans of their universal remote controls.Logitech […]

Feilan FL-102 Universal Remote Control
There are remote controls, and then there are remote controls. I know that most of us, myself included, have not heard of Feilan before, but perhaps it is time to sit up and take notice. With the plethora of devices in the living room sporting their very own remote control, it can get rather confusing at times, especially to the uninitiated, to use the right remote control for a particular […]

iRule turns your iOS device into a powerful touchscreen universal remote control
While there have been universal remote control app + hardware combos for iOS devices before, iRule claims to work with more than just your home theater system. According to its creator, just about anything under the sun that has a remote control should work with with iRule. That includes your TV, DVD player, ceiling fan, lights, thermostat, and more. All you need to purchase gateways, and a license for iRule.

The Bridge universal remote control to rule them all
Universal remote controls? Don’t you think that this moniker is rather misleading, as they can’t really control everything that you want or have around the home? Well, trust enterprising folk to take a look at Kickstarter as the apt place to, well, kickstart their dreams. Case in point, the Bridge universal remote control from Convergence Technologies of New York. This concept is waiting for $50,000 in funds in order to […]


VooMote One universal remote for iOS announced
It looks like Onkyo isn’t the only company announcing a remote control today. has announced a new remote control device called the VooMote One. Designed to work with more than just a lineup of devices from one brand, the VooMote One turns your iOS iPhone or iPod Touch into a smart universal remote control that should work with most, if not all of your devices in your living room.The […]

SURC universal learning remote control
The remote control was truly a wonderful creation, and over the years with many other companies rolling out remote controls of their own, it became quite a conundrum trying to keep track of where all your remote controls went. Enter the universal remote control that rules them all, but how many of them were truly easy to use? Mashed Pixel wants to solve this problem with their SURC, an easy-to-use […]

Conspin Andi-One – the world's first Android universal remote
Android can be pretty much adapted to work on any sort of device – from phones to tablets and even car stereos, there’s one more to add to the list of devices – universal remotes. Conspin, a home theater and electronics manufacturer has merged an Android tablet with a universal remote to create a smart universal remote. With 3 different interfaces- RF (RF4CE), IR, and WiFi, the remote is capable […]

Mashed Pixel Surc Turns Your iPhone Into A Universal Remote Control
Infrared emitters aren’t new ideas, since they can easily turn your mobile phone into a universal remote. Now Mashed Pixel is taking things one step further by integrating the idea into a case – the Surc. Just pop your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 into it and download the free accompanying app and you’re good to go. Of course, aside from giving your iPhone some added functionality, the other […]

Philips Pronto universal remote range kicks the bucket
Philips has decided to stop producing devices for its Pronto range of universal remote controls after failing to find a buyer to take over the ailing business. Here’s what Philips had to say about the situation officially: “In December 2009, Philips announced the intention to relocate some of its existing remote control activities in Leuven, Belgium to Asia. At the same time, the intention was communicated to investigate alternative strategic […]

Sony rolls out RM-KZ1 remote control for kids
The standard remote control that comes with your TV might be pretty ordinary, so having it get knocked around might not seem like much. The same can’t be said if you happen to own one of the more sophisticated universal remote controls with a full touchscreen display though, as you’ll probably want to keep it well away from the reaches of kids. Sony knows your concern, which is why they […]

Powerplus Leopard solar-powered universal TV remote control
Universal remote controls are dime a dozen these days, and if you like one that is affordable, you might want to check out Logitech’s Harmony 300 – although the Powerplus Leopard solar-powered universal TV remote control is greener in terms of operational value compared to Logitech’s offering. It can charge from direct sunlight or under ambient light from artificial sources, which basically means it will keep on going and going […]

The Clicker Universal Remote Control With Bottle Opener
If there’s one thing that you need to enjoy a good couch potato session, it’s a cold drink, more often than not, beer. With that in mind, the Clicker universal remote control goes one step further from just toggling the channels to helping you open your bottles, thanks to its built-in bottle opener. The Clicker can control a variety of household electronics such as the TV, Cable, DVR, VCR and […]

Turn Your iPhone Into A Universal Remote Control
Is there anything that Apple’s iPhone can’t do with the help of some accessories? The iPhone can help with store operations via its POS software, it can let you swipe your credit card on it and now it can function as a universal remote control. iPhone owners have always been able to control iTunes from the iPhone, so that’s no big deal, but when you’ve got an accessory that will […]

Silver PAC 5500 universal remote control
When universal remote controls are mentioned, what comes across your mind? Is it something sleek and rectangular, or are you looking at a squarish device with its very own touchscreen display? The 5500 universal remote control from Silver PAC which will roll out next February, boasting Windows SideShow technology. We ought to be able to catch more on the 5500 at CES next month, so stay tuned. In the mean […]