Universal remote controls? Don’t you think that this moniker is rather misleading, as they can’t really control everything that you want or have around the home? Well, trust enterprising folk to take a look at Kickstarter as the apt place to, well, kickstart their dreams. Case in point, the Bridge universal remote control from Convergence Technologies of New York. This concept is waiting for $50,000 in funds in order to be realized in the real world.

The amount of money requested is to fund the development of the relevant software, not to mention manufacturing as well as distribution costs of the remote. On paper and in theory, as with most of the other ideas, it seems to be foolproof – but hopefully, should the amount of money be raised, Convergence Technologies would be as good as their word. It seems that the Bridge is able to control RF devices such as the Boxee Box amongst numerous others, where the final product will retail for less than a Benjamin. If you think the Bridge has a chance, then $10 will net you a pin, while $20 returns a t-shirt, with $65 getting you one of the first units off the production line. The buttons do not seem to nice to press on, as though it was one of the entry level Nokia featurephones of old.

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