There are remote controls, and then there are remote controls. I know that most of us, myself included, have not heard of Feilan before, but perhaps it is time to sit up and take notice. With the plethora of devices in the living room sporting their very own remote control, it can get rather confusing at times, especially to the uninitiated, to use the right remote control for a particular device – even more so when they are all of the same brand. Well, one of the solutions would be to minimize your gizmos, or get a universal remote control, and this is where the Feilan FL-102 steps in.

This universal remote control also allows you to use it with an Android-powered device, now how about that for versatility? Basically, with the Feilan FL-102, you are able to control an Android TV box which is being used to run XBMC, Netflix, or other media apps on your TV, where all you need to do is plug a USB dongle into your box, and you are good to go. The asking price for the Feilan FL-102 is a happy one, where it will retail for a mere $26.51.

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