While there have been universal remote control app + hardware combos for iOS devices before, iRule claims to work with more than just your home theater system. According to its creator, just about anything under the sun that has a remote control should work with with iRule. That includes your TV, DVD player, ceiling fan, lights, thermostat, and more. All you need to purchase gateways, and a license for iRule.


After setting up the gateways and using iRule Builder to create device commands online, you’re pretty much set. Sync the commands with iRule on your iOS device, and start controlling all your connected devices.

Since iRule can be used to control IP devices over your WiFi network, this means you’ll be able to control all your gear in a cabinet in the same room, from another room or even from another state without any dongles or attachments plugged into your handheld device. Say goodbye to having multiple remote controls around the house.

iRule is available now, for $49.99 ($99.99 for a pro license). Head over to iRule’s website for more details.

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