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Gem Hsin Topaz USB desk lamps are elegant
Looking for a desk lamp to place next to your computer but you’re out of power sockets to plug it in? Thanks to the inventor of the USB port, that’s not going to be a problem. These versatile ports can be used to plug in peripheral devices to your computer as well as accessories such as thumb drives or even phone chargers to keep your phones charged. And yes, USB […]

USB Theater Sound Xperience from IOGEAR
IOGEAR has announced that their latest USB Theater Sound Xperience is delivered via their inaugural USB audio adapter that sports DTS Surround Sensation Headphone technology. When hooked up straight to a computer’s USB 2.0 port, this USB Theater Sound Xperience device will help simulate a surround sound experience, regardless of whether it is on a pair of stereo headphones or speakers. Who would have thought that such a small device […]

Be A DJ With The USB Mini Turntable
Aspiring DJ’s, or those who are just curious about the DJ profession, here is a cheap way for you to get your hands on a turntable, with the USB mini turntable that plugs into your computer or MP3 player.

Thanko's "Hot Cool Box" Doubles As A Mini USB Fridge And Heater
When winter comes, you want a nice, hot beverage in your hand, but when summer hits, you want nothing more than a nice, cold drink. Well it looks like Thanko may have the solution for you in the form of their “Hot Cool Box” which supposedly has the ability to keep drinks cold, or heat things up when desired.


USB Encryption Card Reader
So you have got plenty of sensitive data stashed away on your bunch of memory cards – what do you do? There should be a way to transport data from there to a machine in a safe manner, and you can do so with the USB Encryption Card Reader from gadget mavens Brando. What the USB Encryption Card Reader does is enable you to separate your portable storage into Public […]

Porsche and LaCie team up to deliver USB 3.0 hard drives
LaCie has been well known to churn out hard drive models that not only look good, but are speed demons in their own right (and time) as well. The latest bunch of hard drive models to emerge from LaCie’s stable received some help from Porsche – the German-based automaker that rolls out extremely desirable sports cars, resulting in the expansion of the exclusive P´9000 electronics category, which would see the […]

Cool Your Bottom This Summer With The USB Seat Cooler
Summer is hot, we get it, and sitting in our chairs all day will result in some pretty sweaty thighs and bottoms, unless of course you have the luxury of sitting in an air-conditioned room all day. For those who are not so fortunate, Thanko has the solution for you in the form of the “AC Ass Cushion”, or better known as the USB Seat Cooler. It fits on top […]

ThinkGeek's U-Socket USB Wallplug
A lot of our smartphones and tablets and other electronic devices are starting to feature USB charging options, which means we won’t have to lug around an extra charger when we pack to go overseas but sometimes our USB ports are full, and so are our wall plugs, does that mean you won’t get to charge your device? An alternative would be this FlipIt! USB charger that we reported a […]

Tamawa billiard ball flash drive
Tamawa has just introduced a new mini flash drive that’s made out of Bakelite – the same material that is used to make billiard balls. When closed and not in use, the flash drive looks like two billiard balls fused together. Users can choose from seven different colors for each half of the ball to come up with their own color combinations for the thumb drive. The tiny drive stores […]

USB Mixtape Memory Card
Memory cards are dime a dozen, so why not attempt something different than with the USB Mixtape Memory Card? This is one of the more interesting peripherals out there that take the road less traveled, where it will also help those who grew up during the 1990s reminisce about the good ol’ days. After all, back then, the mixtape was a pop culture, and proved to be the tool that […]

Elecom's New Rinkak Mouse Puts That Cable To Good Design Use
It’s starting to look like wireless mice are the way to go these days, especially if they manage to free up an additional USB port that could be put to better use, but if you don’t like the fact that you’re wireless mouse could run out of battery mid-use and you have no spare, or that wireless mice tend to be heavier than their corded counterparts due to its battery, […]

Hitachi G-Connect: A Wireless Storage + Router for Mobiles
Hitachi G-Connect - Hitachi is just released G-Connect, a personal storage and networking device that addresses a pervasive issue with mobile devices: too little local storage

Samsung Galaxy Tab USB Adapter
Own a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, you can transform it into a USB host right there and then with the Samsung Galaxy Tab USB Adapter. All you need to do is fork out $19.99 and you can bring home this nifty little USB device, allowing you to hook up compatible USB accessory devices such as keyboards, mice, thumb drives and others to your Tab. The adapter will enhance […]

Hatsuden-Nabe pot keeps your devices charged in the middle of the jungle
If you’re the kind of person who takes your device with you out in the wild while you’re camping so you have access to a GPS or a compass and some way to communicate with the outside world, sometimes one full charge of your smartphone is not enough to keep it juiced for the whole day or two. And spare batteries can only last for so long and make your […]