Gamer Manages To Get Steam Up And Running On A PS4

While there are some who argue that PC gaming is superior to console gaming, it’s hard to deny the fun you get from playing in your living room, especially if you have friends over and you’re duking it out with each other on games like Super Smash Bros. and Rocket League, but what about having the best of both worlds?

DotA 2: The International 2016 Battle Pass Revealed

It is 2016 which means that we are soon approaching another year in which the official DotA 2 The International tournament will begin. For those unfamiliar with The International, this is pretty much the definitive competition for DotA 2. It also has a prize pool in which gamers can help contribute to and in return will receive in-game rewards.

Steam Summer Sale Dates Have Been Leaked

Every year without fail, Valve will host a Steam Summer Sale in which many titles, both big and small, will receive discounts across the board, ranging from small discounts up to huge discounts. This means that if you have been thinking of buying some new games but don’t have the money for all of them, the Summer Sale should make it easier on your wallet.

Steam Now Accepts Bitcoin

It was reported just last week that Steam could soon allow gamers to pay for their purchases using Bitcoin and the confirmation has come through today. Bitcoin is now an acceptable payment method on Steam so it’s possible to pay for games purchased online using this cryptocurrency. To accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment, Valve has teamed up with processing service BitPay.


Lionsgate Brings More Than 100 Movies Onto Steam

Steam is pretty much the default platform that might come to mind when you think about purchasing games digitally. However could Steam be thinking about becoming the next Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video? While we’re not sure what Valve’s plans for Steam are in the long-run, there are certainly signs that suggests that they are.

Valve Wants Your Phone Number To Help Counter-Strike Matchmaking

When it comes to matchmaking players with other players when it comes to gaming, there isn’t a perfect formula yet. For example some systems might try to match players based on their win-lose ratio, but this might not necessarily be fair as sometimes players can simply create new accounts and start on a clean slate.

Steam Could Be Looking To Accept Bitcoin In The Future

If you believe that the cryptocurrency bitcoin is the way of the future in terms of making secure payments online, then you might be pleased to learn that there will be at least one more company who has decided to throw their support behind the currency. According to a post on Reddit, it seems that some Steam users have received an email from Valve informing them about it.

Valve To Make Hardware Revisions To Its Steam Controller

Valve announced the Steam Controller back in 2013, but over the years we have seen the controller undergo several design changes before what was presumably the final design was locked in. One would assume that Valve would be more or less happy with the design so far, but that there are more changes we can expect moving forward.

Gamers Can Now Watch DotA 2 In Virtual Reality

Valve is invested in virtual reality, what with them working with HTC to create the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. This is why it really doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that if gamers are so inclined, they will now be able to watch DotA 2 games in virtual reality. Note that they won’t be able to play games in VR, they’ll just be able to watch them thanks […]

Valve Is Allowing You To 3D Print Your Own Steam Controller

Here’s some news that many gamers are going to love. Valve has opened up CAD files of the Steam controller to the public. What this means is that you and I can build and 3D print our own Steam controllers, even though Valve originally released the product and owns it, it’s opening it up to all of us under the Creative Commons license. The license allows for creating and sharing […]

Steam Adds Desktop Game Theater Support, Will Play All Games In VR

While Valve does not have a virtual reality headset of their own, they did work together with HTC on creating the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset that is largely expected to see a release come April 2016. Now the question is in terms of games available and compatible with the headset, just how many are there?

Portal & Half-Life Movies Confirmed To Be In Development

There are probably tons of fans of Valve’s games such as Portal and Half-Life. Those two franchises are pretty amazing as far as games are concerned, but could they also be just as good, if not better, if turned into a movie? The good news is that you will be able to find out in the future, according to a report from IGN.

Valve (Finally) Apologizes For 2015’s Christmas Breach

Last year for a very brief period of time, there seemed to be some kind of glitch in Valve’s Steam platform in which users could see the information of other users. The information did not reveal anything too sensitive, like credit card information or passwords, but no doubt it was a breach of personal data where email and billing addresses, along with purchase history, was shown publicly.

Steam Will Now Discount Bundles If You Already Own Some Games

Steam bundles are usually a pretty good deal as it comes with multiple titles for a much cheaper price compared to if you were to buy it individually. However sometimes there are some bundles that you want, but it also contains a game (or two) that you already own, meaning that it would be kind of redundant.